Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ideas--I'm gonna explode!

Ugh, I have SO MANY things I want to work on! Only sewing twice in over two weeks is KILLING ME! All the fabrics are sitting, waiting--calling out to me every time I pass by my workroom! I have denim that wants to be made into bibs and burp cloths, with raggy edges. And ideas for more picnic blankets--but I have to wait on the oil cloth to get here! A quilt, a Raggy-Tag Blanket, seven curtain panels, and a tablecloth are waiting impatiently! I have beautiful yards of white chenille that I'm DYING to make into baby blankets and more! And yet, after vacation--there's soooo much housework to do--all the laundry, putting clothes and stuff away, re-organizing, finding homes for all the new toys and clothes grandparents bought--plus all the fabrics and goodies I bought! Then the normal dish washing, bed making, bath giving, bill paying, grocery shopping, etc that I normally do.

I just want to SEW--all day long! With NO interruptions--I don't even want to eat! :) Maybe after a week of this, I'll be ready to head back to normal life! :)

Did I tell you that our leaves are fully out here in Alabama??? It's sooo pretty--great, big, giant leaves that provide lovely SHADE--which we need since it's mid-80's here, and the humidity is beginning to creep back. I had the chance to witness three springs this year (and suffer through each)--one here, one at my parents, the third at my inlaws. I had the opportunity to see the tree leaves unfurl in all three locations. Beautiful and pretty--and my eyes loved seeing it, but hated the itchiness!

I need to go push someone fast on her horse swing! :) Until later!
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Home again. I think ten days is too long to be gone! I started getting homesick at day five. And grumpy. (Sorry my dear inlaws!) Though the kids had a blast! :) It's ALWAYS fun for them to visit and get spoiled rotten!

I brought my sewing machine with me, but didn't sew very much. One afternoon I sewed the sides of four curtain panels for my sis (#1), but didn't get the top and bottom seams done before heading to my inlaws. ANd then I sewed MY blanket at my inlaws the other night. :) I love it! Don't have pics to post--cause 1. I didn't take any yet, and 2. the camera is still packed SOMEWHERE! Oh, and 3. I just got home 3 hours ago from a nearly 12.5 hour trip with a toddler and a three yr old!!!!

BUT--I DID buy TONS of fabric--yah!!!! Pretty much the whole back of my station wagon is full of fabric and sewing accessories. I like it that way! Oh, and I found the COOLEST place ever!!! It's called The Scrap Exchange, in Durham, NC! And I LOVE it there--wish I lived close enough to browse all the time. I bought fabric there (big surprise!), some Burt's Bees glass jars (look like old glass milk bottles), some old thread spindles, and lots of envelopes--for shipping my MonsterBug Blankets. I know I bought some more stuff there, but my mind is numb from all the driving I did today. :)

That's all I have left--my brain hurts from trying to think of this much to write! I'll write again soon, I promise! :)

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Adult Blanket, Baby Bib

Here's the adult blanket I finished yesterday. I love it! :)

And here's a bib I worked on today. On Etsy there was an alchemy request for some bibs--and I figured I should try them out. Can't believe that with two kiddos I never made any. But who has the chance when they are young enough to wear them??!! :) Next time around, I'd either use a thicker backing material, use two layers of flannel, or add a flannel layer in the middle. Other than that--it was fairly easy, and I am pleased with the result.

We visited the Army Aviation Museum today. It was rainy, and the kids were climbing the walls! So they got to look at ALL the helicopters and airplanes, walk through a Chinook, and sit in an Apache cockpit. It was fun. At the gift shop, there were a few baby items for sale that were "army". There's a fabric out there now that's army related, and someone made a diaper clutch with that and some blue chenille. It was cute. And someone else made some baby bibs--they appliqued red/white/blue patterned stars on a white bib. They were cute, too. I asked about whether the gift shop did consignments or bought wholesale, but the girl didn't know. I DID get her manager's number, so next week I'll have to call! Oh, and I left a business card, too. :)
That's it for now. I have tons of packing to do! And I STILL haven't gotten to play with my new embroidery machine. :( boohoo
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Not much sewing going on here. My punch card from The Front Porch Quilt Shoppe was filled up at my last visit, so I had $20 of free fabric to get--and felt like getting it yesterday. Of course, I spent more than the $20-- I think that's the plan! :) So here's what I bought--I wanted some things a little out of the ordinary for me. I think they're fun and colorful!

Wednesday, I sewed together the Amy Butler blanket made of the orange and blue fabrics. I still need to quilt it--and hope to get that done today! It's so pretty--I want to keep it! :) More reason to get busy sewing my own blanket!

I went through my fabrics the other day, setting things aside to work on while visiting family next week. I have lots I'd like to sew--IF I get the chance! I'm bummed though--my embroidery machine arrives today (YAH!) but I leave on Monday--without it! :( :( :( BOO HOO!

When I get back from vacation, I have a baby quilt to work on, and a Raggy-Tag Blanket order to fill. I'll also need to continue listing items on Etsy, as I still have less than half my things on there. I will also need to work on getting the team colors Play Blankets ready--and figure out a few other things to take into the children's boutique.

Until later!

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monster's Piggies

One day while in the forums on Etsy, I came across a striking avatar (the little picture that each person chooses to go with their online persona). It was of a little boy's feet, playing in water. And it was so precious--immediately making me think of Monster's little naked pigs--and how he's ALWAYS wanting to play in water! I clicked on the shop to see more--and the picture was a small part of a paint-by-numbers painting that the shop owner turned into a pendant!

Well, I'm a pendant kind of girl--I wear necklaces almost every single day. I was excited, until I saw the size of the pendant--2"x1.75"--that's HUGE! I even cut out a piece of paper that size, and "tried it on." I didn't like the size. But boy, I KEPT going back to that pendant. When I showed it to Sewing Guru last week, I realized that if someone else BOUGHT my little boy's piggies, I'd probably CRY! So on the spot, I purchased it (with some of my etsy earnings!).

Here it is!!! Thank you, Kim, from Persimmons!

And the size, while bigger than I usually wear, is PERFECT! Now, If you're thinking, what SHOULD I buy MonsterBug Blankets for her birthday?????--Kim also carries this:, and I'd LOVE to wear it as well! :) :) :)

That's all for now!

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Monday, April 7, 2008

New: Picnic Set

This is my newest addition: An oil cloth blanket and four cloth napkins.

If I had a penny for every time my daughter asked to have a picnic or tea party...and she's been talking for less than two years! I made us a Picnic Blanket just like this one, and it's sitting in the car, waiting to be used! (Come on, it's only been made for two days, and it's been raining!)

I figured--what goes better with the Picnic Blanket than Cloth Napkins! And these are so cheery! Both my kiddos LOVE when we use cloth napkins! Little Monster has decided he's big enough now--and needs one when the rest of us are eating!

Guess what I'm getting for my birthday!!!!! (And for Christmas this past year--I had to save up!) Click here and see! YAH!!! I can't wait to get it--should be here on Friday!!! This will open NEW ideas and plans--until then, you'll recognize my family on the street--we'll be the ones with monograms on our socks and shirts and shorts and pants and anywhere else I can embroider something! :)

Oh, best news today--my sis-in-law is expecting in December!!!!! :) Oh yah!!!! Congrats A and T!!!!!

Night for now!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Etsy Treasuries!!!

Well, it's raining cats and dogs here....and elephants and rhinoceroses, too! We haven't had rain for awhile now, so we needed this! I feel bad for some of the local activities that are adversely affected by the rhinoceroses falling from the sky. Eufaula has their annual pilgrimage this weekend, and we love to visit that--the artwork is amazing! Never have paid to go through the houses, though. I'd love to--they have the old, old mansions and such lining the main road through town. Totally what you picture when you think of the deep south.

Today MonsterBug Blankets is featured in two treasuries! Take a look!

By jkalea:

By yayadesigns:

Pretty cool, huh! I belong to etsyBABY, one of the Street Teams on And each week they feature some shops for promotional purposes, then treasury hunters try to fill some of the opening treasuries with these shops. It's supposed to go alphabetically, and last week they focused on the M's, but I threw them for a loop when I closed my shop for the weekend! So they added me in this weekend. :)

Wish I could say I've been busy sewing with all that gorgeous fabric I bought this week! But that would be a lie. :) I still haven't completely finished putting things away and righting my workroom from the craft fair last week! UGH! And I still don't quite feel up to sewing yet. I'm hoping that by Monday, I will be motivated! :) I have so much I can work on--the hard part will be figuring out where to start!

I think I've been online for too long now. I need to go take my nap--since I'm grumpy and woke up WAY too early this morning (after going to bed WAY too late!!!).

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I missed a treasury! By little giggles:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Birthday Money

So, soon my birthday will roll around. yipee. I'm oh so excited. But, I've already received some birthday money--and it's already spent! :) (It was burning a hole in my pocket!) I bought fabric--BIG surprise--but it's for ME! :)

Fabrics for my first purse.

Fabrics for my second purse.

Oil cloth for a Picnic Blanket.

Fabrics for a Blanket for ME.

I've been IN LOVE with this chocolate fabric covered with colorful circles for sooooo long! I finally bit the bullet and bought some. :) I'm going to put some batting inside, and quilt around the circles! :) It'll look lovely on the back of my chair--perfect to snuggle under when the air conditioning gets too cold (it was 85 today--ugh!).
The oilcloth is another one I've been eyeing--just had NO IDEA what to make with it. Suddenly, "Picnic Blanket" came to mind. YAH! I'll sew up the edges, and keep it in the car for when we're out and need to have a picnic. I suppose we'll have to use it at home, as well! :) I bought a second one (sized 45"x54") to sell on etsy! I'm thinking of offering cloth napkins to go with--what do you think??? The Front Porch Quilt Shoppe also carries a red oil cloth.
In the mail today came my lovely new bag! I wanted to take pics--but it started raining on me while I took the photos I've posted! I was able to fit in everything I need, plus the kids' lunch box--so that is great! Plus, I have a pocket on the outside for my keys and phone--YAH! It stays on my shoulder so well, too--the straps are just perfect. :)
Gotta go!
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where Are You From?

I'm drowsily trying to think of what to write this morning. Need that 2nd (and 3rd!) cup of coffee, me thinks! :)

One thing I forgot to mention from my craft show. People asked alot--"Where are you from?" Without thinking, my answer was Ozark. One, it shows them I'm local, they can purchase from me easily, whenever. But, two, it shows ME that I've become to think of Ozark as home.

Being military (previously), we moved often, and asking where people are from is as common as breathing. It was hard to answer, as I have called three different states home, and because we'd lived in Germany for so long--it was (and is) home to me. So my answers were weird, one day I'd tell the WHOLE story, others I'd just pick one state. But I've never called Alabama home. It's a hard state for me to love. I love having four definite seasons--AL has summer and Christmas! :) I love the change of leaves in the fall--they just turn brown and fall off here. I love green, verdant landscapes--and Alabama is brown/reddish, and the only green seems to be the kudzu. But, I've noticed a change in me this year. A small one, but a change. When the temperatures were in the mid-70's to low 80's in February, I was happy for spring (instead of MOANING about it ALREADY being HOT). Probably because this winter, with my Grandpa dying, the grieving I had to deal with, and then the round of sicknesses that hit us--I was ready for something new and fresh. And then the calling Ozark HOME at the craft fair--it wasn't even a thought in my head--should I tell them this, what about when we lived here...--it was just out--"Ozark."

I bought those gorgeous orange and blue fabrics yesterday! And I bought some of that green and blue, and another awesome fabric by Michael Miller, too. The second two fabrics are going to be linings for two purses I want to make. I'm coming up with my own pattern, so last night I was cutting, folding, and taping together paper, trying to figure out the size I want. I REALLY want to sew a purse with the finished seams peeking out the sides--so you get a peek of the inside fabric--but it seems to be rather difficult to manage! I think I'll do that for my second purse. The first one will be orange corduroy with the Michael Miller fabric. The second one will be a light grey with the blue and green Amy Butler fabric on the inside, and with an applique of some sort. I think the first one with be rectangular, and the second more rounded--but my mind changes alot--so we'll see! :)

It's kind of fun not following a pattern--figuring out what I want, and what I am envisioning. But, it's also hard--cause I don't have a clue what I'm doing! :) I need to research handles, and try to figure out HOW I want them to look, and HOW I'm going to attach them! :) I've not really paid much attention to handles before--but now I need to! :) That's the cool thing about being able to sew--I can look and figure things out, then sew what I want! :) I'm grateful for this!

The munchkins need me now! Gotta go feed them--pretty much that's my entire day! :)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


You see this gorgeous fabric??? It's Amy Butler, and I get to sew with it later this week--I'm sooooo excited!!! I've been commissioned to sew an adult-sized blanket/quilt with it, and I'm thrilled! :) I'm still deciding HOW to quilt it, though. Any suggestions??? Normally I've sewn diamonds or squares--but this seems like it needs something different. Maybe I should follow some of the curves in the design? I'll figure something out. I can't wait!!!

I woke up today with all kinds of Amy Butler fabric plans and ideas! I have some plans for the fabrics below--the green and blue, and the red with pale yellow dots behind it! Baby Quilt plans!!! Too many ideas, I know! :)

Enjoy looking at the fabrics--you don't need me to jabber, do you?! :)

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