Friday, April 4, 2008

Birthday Money

So, soon my birthday will roll around. yipee. I'm oh so excited. But, I've already received some birthday money--and it's already spent! :) (It was burning a hole in my pocket!) I bought fabric--BIG surprise--but it's for ME! :)

Fabrics for my first purse.

Fabrics for my second purse.

Oil cloth for a Picnic Blanket.

Fabrics for a Blanket for ME.

I've been IN LOVE with this chocolate fabric covered with colorful circles for sooooo long! I finally bit the bullet and bought some. :) I'm going to put some batting inside, and quilt around the circles! :) It'll look lovely on the back of my chair--perfect to snuggle under when the air conditioning gets too cold (it was 85 today--ugh!).
The oilcloth is another one I've been eyeing--just had NO IDEA what to make with it. Suddenly, "Picnic Blanket" came to mind. YAH! I'll sew up the edges, and keep it in the car for when we're out and need to have a picnic. I suppose we'll have to use it at home, as well! :) I bought a second one (sized 45"x54") to sell on etsy! I'm thinking of offering cloth napkins to go with--what do you think??? The Front Porch Quilt Shoppe also carries a red oil cloth.
In the mail today came my lovely new bag! I wanted to take pics--but it started raining on me while I took the photos I've posted! I was able to fit in everything I need, plus the kids' lunch box--so that is great! Plus, I have a pocket on the outside for my keys and phone--YAH! It stays on my shoulder so well, too--the straps are just perfect. :)
Gotta go!
MonsterBug Blankets

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