Saturday, April 5, 2008

Etsy Treasuries!!!

Well, it's raining cats and dogs here....and elephants and rhinoceroses, too! We haven't had rain for awhile now, so we needed this! I feel bad for some of the local activities that are adversely affected by the rhinoceroses falling from the sky. Eufaula has their annual pilgrimage this weekend, and we love to visit that--the artwork is amazing! Never have paid to go through the houses, though. I'd love to--they have the old, old mansions and such lining the main road through town. Totally what you picture when you think of the deep south.

Today MonsterBug Blankets is featured in two treasuries! Take a look!

By jkalea:

By yayadesigns:

Pretty cool, huh! I belong to etsyBABY, one of the Street Teams on And each week they feature some shops for promotional purposes, then treasury hunters try to fill some of the opening treasuries with these shops. It's supposed to go alphabetically, and last week they focused on the M's, but I threw them for a loop when I closed my shop for the weekend! So they added me in this weekend. :)

Wish I could say I've been busy sewing with all that gorgeous fabric I bought this week! But that would be a lie. :) I still haven't completely finished putting things away and righting my workroom from the craft fair last week! UGH! And I still don't quite feel up to sewing yet. I'm hoping that by Monday, I will be motivated! :) I have so much I can work on--the hard part will be figuring out where to start!

I think I've been online for too long now. I need to go take my nap--since I'm grumpy and woke up WAY too early this morning (after going to bed WAY too late!!!).

MonsterBug Blankets

I missed a treasury! By little giggles:

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H.E.Eigler said...

I hope the weather dries up for you :) Congrats on all the features!