Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Home again. I think ten days is too long to be gone! I started getting homesick at day five. And grumpy. (Sorry my dear inlaws!) Though the kids had a blast! :) It's ALWAYS fun for them to visit and get spoiled rotten!

I brought my sewing machine with me, but didn't sew very much. One afternoon I sewed the sides of four curtain panels for my sis (#1), but didn't get the top and bottom seams done before heading to my inlaws. ANd then I sewed MY blanket at my inlaws the other night. :) I love it! Don't have pics to post--cause 1. I didn't take any yet, and 2. the camera is still packed SOMEWHERE! Oh, and 3. I just got home 3 hours ago from a nearly 12.5 hour trip with a toddler and a three yr old!!!!

BUT--I DID buy TONS of fabric--yah!!!! Pretty much the whole back of my station wagon is full of fabric and sewing accessories. I like it that way! Oh, and I found the COOLEST place ever!!! It's called The Scrap Exchange, in Durham, NC! And I LOVE it there--wish I lived close enough to browse all the time. I bought fabric there (big surprise!), some Burt's Bees glass jars (look like old glass milk bottles), some old thread spindles, and lots of envelopes--for shipping my MonsterBug Blankets. I know I bought some more stuff there, but my mind is numb from all the driving I did today. :)

That's all I have left--my brain hurts from trying to think of this much to write! I'll write again soon, I promise! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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