Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ideas--I'm gonna explode!

Ugh, I have SO MANY things I want to work on! Only sewing twice in over two weeks is KILLING ME! All the fabrics are sitting, waiting--calling out to me every time I pass by my workroom! I have denim that wants to be made into bibs and burp cloths, with raggy edges. And ideas for more picnic blankets--but I have to wait on the oil cloth to get here! A quilt, a Raggy-Tag Blanket, seven curtain panels, and a tablecloth are waiting impatiently! I have beautiful yards of white chenille that I'm DYING to make into baby blankets and more! And yet, after vacation--there's soooo much housework to do--all the laundry, putting clothes and stuff away, re-organizing, finding homes for all the new toys and clothes grandparents bought--plus all the fabrics and goodies I bought! Then the normal dish washing, bed making, bath giving, bill paying, grocery shopping, etc that I normally do.

I just want to SEW--all day long! With NO interruptions--I don't even want to eat! :) Maybe after a week of this, I'll be ready to head back to normal life! :)

Did I tell you that our leaves are fully out here in Alabama??? It's sooo pretty--great, big, giant leaves that provide lovely SHADE--which we need since it's mid-80's here, and the humidity is beginning to creep back. I had the chance to witness three springs this year (and suffer through each)--one here, one at my parents, the third at my inlaws. I had the opportunity to see the tree leaves unfurl in all three locations. Beautiful and pretty--and my eyes loved seeing it, but hated the itchiness!

I need to go push someone fast on her horse swing! :) Until later!
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