Monday, April 7, 2008

New: Picnic Set

This is my newest addition: An oil cloth blanket and four cloth napkins.

If I had a penny for every time my daughter asked to have a picnic or tea party...and she's been talking for less than two years! I made us a Picnic Blanket just like this one, and it's sitting in the car, waiting to be used! (Come on, it's only been made for two days, and it's been raining!)

I figured--what goes better with the Picnic Blanket than Cloth Napkins! And these are so cheery! Both my kiddos LOVE when we use cloth napkins! Little Monster has decided he's big enough now--and needs one when the rest of us are eating!

Guess what I'm getting for my birthday!!!!! (And for Christmas this past year--I had to save up!) Click here and see! YAH!!! I can't wait to get it--should be here on Friday!!! This will open NEW ideas and plans--until then, you'll recognize my family on the street--we'll be the ones with monograms on our socks and shirts and shorts and pants and anywhere else I can embroider something! :)

Oh, best news today--my sis-in-law is expecting in December!!!!! :) Oh yah!!!! Congrats A and T!!!!!

Night for now!

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