Thursday, April 3, 2008

Where Are You From?

I'm drowsily trying to think of what to write this morning. Need that 2nd (and 3rd!) cup of coffee, me thinks! :)

One thing I forgot to mention from my craft show. People asked alot--"Where are you from?" Without thinking, my answer was Ozark. One, it shows them I'm local, they can purchase from me easily, whenever. But, two, it shows ME that I've become to think of Ozark as home.

Being military (previously), we moved often, and asking where people are from is as common as breathing. It was hard to answer, as I have called three different states home, and because we'd lived in Germany for so long--it was (and is) home to me. So my answers were weird, one day I'd tell the WHOLE story, others I'd just pick one state. But I've never called Alabama home. It's a hard state for me to love. I love having four definite seasons--AL has summer and Christmas! :) I love the change of leaves in the fall--they just turn brown and fall off here. I love green, verdant landscapes--and Alabama is brown/reddish, and the only green seems to be the kudzu. But, I've noticed a change in me this year. A small one, but a change. When the temperatures were in the mid-70's to low 80's in February, I was happy for spring (instead of MOANING about it ALREADY being HOT). Probably because this winter, with my Grandpa dying, the grieving I had to deal with, and then the round of sicknesses that hit us--I was ready for something new and fresh. And then the calling Ozark HOME at the craft fair--it wasn't even a thought in my head--should I tell them this, what about when we lived here...--it was just out--"Ozark."

I bought those gorgeous orange and blue fabrics yesterday! And I bought some of that green and blue, and another awesome fabric by Michael Miller, too. The second two fabrics are going to be linings for two purses I want to make. I'm coming up with my own pattern, so last night I was cutting, folding, and taping together paper, trying to figure out the size I want. I REALLY want to sew a purse with the finished seams peeking out the sides--so you get a peek of the inside fabric--but it seems to be rather difficult to manage! I think I'll do that for my second purse. The first one will be orange corduroy with the Michael Miller fabric. The second one will be a light grey with the blue and green Amy Butler fabric on the inside, and with an applique of some sort. I think the first one with be rectangular, and the second more rounded--but my mind changes alot--so we'll see! :)

It's kind of fun not following a pattern--figuring out what I want, and what I am envisioning. But, it's also hard--cause I don't have a clue what I'm doing! :) I need to research handles, and try to figure out HOW I want them to look, and HOW I'm going to attach them! :) I've not really paid much attention to handles before--but now I need to! :) That's the cool thing about being able to sew--I can look and figure things out, then sew what I want! :) I'm grateful for this!

The munchkins need me now! Gotta go feed them--pretty much that's my entire day! :)

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