Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Etsy Teams

On Etsy.com, there are MANY street teams--and their purpose is to band together and promote each other's stores. There are many ways to do this--posting in the promos forum on etsy, starting a team blog and/or website, having a team store, throwing a team craft fair, having a team "chat" on etsy, collaborating with other team members to create something new to sell, and on and on..... Another way is to do a team challenge. And today I found the Etsy Plush Team has done that. They created plush figures after Fairy Tales and Story Book characters. Check out their blog: http://www.plushteam.com/. Aren't those characters tooooooo much! :) I love them! What a sweet and amazing idea--and wow, what talent! :)

I personally belong to Team etsyBABY--a group of etsy sellers who make baby products, and the Homefront Team--consisting of spouses and significant others of the military. In etsyBABY, we have a team store and we donate money or an item for them to sell. We have a team blog, team website, and a team forum. Everyday they post a thread in the promo section on etsy, and everyone who joins in promotes another etsyBABY seller, and also can promote their own shop. They run special promotions every few months that the team members can join in on--the mother's day one had a spa basket for the winner. Also, every weekend, the team promotes 12 stores from the team (in alphabetical order), by posting favorites from those 12 teams and setting up etsyBABY treasuries.

I just joined the Homefront Team a few weeks ago. They have a weekly thread that runs in the Teams section, where members can chat and show off new things they've made and/or listed. It's very encouraging and fun to chat in there. They have a team blog, team website, and a yahoo group for chatting. They run a Monday night promo--where different shops list specials for the night and they promote those, and they open a chat room to promote the shops as well. They run special promotions--last month was a giveaway from 20 of the shops. There are more plans in the works, too.

In other news, I'm hoping to take some of my patriotic bibs and burp cloths to the local children's boutique today. It's my afternoon to run amuck, sans kids, and I want to get some things in there to sell! I have alot more I want to get in there, but it will have to wait--sooooo much to do this week! And I'm still pooped from the past two weeks! I was hoping to get new things listed in my etsy shop too, but there's too much going on. Will have to wait. :(

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