Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm alive, I promise!

I realize I've been kinda slow in getting back to writing in this blog. I just haven't felt like writing lately--alot of hard things happening to people I love, and my mind and heart and prayers are there.

I have been working some--though not taking ANY pictures! Can you believe that my vacation pics are STILL in the camera!!! Along with some cutie-pie ones from when we went to feed the ducks this weekend. :)

I put together a pretty, square blanket with colorful cotton on one side, and fluffy, white chenille on the other. It looks sooooo vintage--I LOVE it! :) So I started working on bibs with the chenille, too. I have six made up, but I'm not digging the chenille on the back as much. I'll probably make the rest of them with a couple of layers of flannel, instead. (Unless everyone LOVES the chenille ones soooo much more!) I'm thinking of using snaps on these, instead of velcro--just wonder if the snaps I have are big enough to go through the chenille?

I bought some camo fabric, and some red, white, and blue fabric, so I will have a few things like this on hand for selling on the army post in a few weeks. Sewing Guru--otherwise known as Very Verdant, is setting up a table on post, and will take along some of my things to sell as well. I hope to be able to help her a bunch that week! (May 12-17) I'm also hoping that the Aviation Museum will want to sell some of my baby things--that would be nice!

I was sooooo hoping to get several of my baby blankets and such into the local baby boutique, but every time I think about it, it just doesn't work out. I REALLY want to make some things especially to sell there--and not just take in things from my main stock. But getting the sewing done is frustrating--cause I just don't have tons and tons of time! And I'm really wanting to get stuff made for selling on post. :) I'm rather impatient, can't you tell!?? I want everything completed YESTERDAY, and ready to go TODAY! This waiting to do B, C, D, and F until after A is taken care of--it frustrates me! :)

April was kind of a hard month for me. It started out with a BANG--6 sales within the first 9 days! I was on a roll! Then NOTHING. :( Of course, with being on vacation, it was difficult to list new things on Etsy, but still, I renewed a few things and kept things up in the pages there. Still, nothing. I DID get a sale yesterday, though. That was nice. :) One of my Fish Play Blankets sold--yah!!!! Now I need to get to the post office to mail it out! (I don't much like THAT part!)

I joined a fabric coop about a month ago, and placed my first order with them--for some YUMMY Amy Butler fabrics! It'll work out to be somewhat less expensive than paying full price--but not as good as when the quilt shoppe holds sales. The pricey part is the shipping on both ends--shipping to the coop, then the coop shipping to me. Oh well. It makes the fabric more within my budget, though! And, the quilt shoppe does not yet have the fabrics in stock.

I also found a great place to order Oil Cloth from! I have soooo many ideas for picnic blankets. And the price I pay will make the picnic blankets more in the price range of what I want them to be! Now I just need to save up so I can buy a bunch!

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