Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Get Started Already!

I started (finally) on some curtains for sis #2's kitchen tonight. (Don't be getting all excited yet, B!) I needed to just sew something, anything, and felt guilty that she's gone without curtains for over a month now! And I can't decide WHAT to sew next for MonsterBug Blankets--so I just jumped in on something that needed done. I have 2 other projects that need done, too. Maybe that's why I feel uncertain about what to sew next--cause I really need to be busting my hump on things I'm not feeling inspired to work on.

Except for the one burp cloth I sewed last week (and the curtains tonight), I haven't sewn in way too long--at least 10 days. I hate not wanting to sew. I hate it when I feel stumped creatively. I decided today to at least BEGIN something. I ironed 7 yards of fabric (while spritzing the kids with water and singing, "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring"). I started sewing the curtains. It's a beginning. And when I'm ready--I'll have fresh fabrics to cut.

I'm thankful this business I run fits around my ups and downs. When I'm crazy-sewing or crazy-thinking-up-ideas--I can run with it. And when I'm worn down--I can take a break. But there's always the fear that the break won't end. That the desire to sew will just end one day, never to show up again. :) What would I do with all that fabric then??? Probably sell it all and make a fortune! And start something new.

I listed most of my Patriotic Bibs and Burp Cloths on etsy this week. I think I still have two left to post. I want to list all my other bibs--but wonder if I should just wait till I make matching burp cloths. But at the rate I'm going--WHEN will that be? I wish I had a chance to show them on Ft Rucker again before the 4th of July! Maybe I should just sell them ON the 4th (ugh, can you imagine how HOT it'll be all day in the Alabama sun???)--but the one time I went to the Ft Rucker celebration, the vendors were few and far between. It just didn't seem like a good venue for selling. I could be wrong--it WAS four years ago.

That's about it for my tired brain. :) Wish me motivation and creativity--and a GREAT night's sleep!!!

MonsterBug Blankets

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