Friday, May 16, 2008

Selling at the PX--Day Four--Payday! :)

Day Four turned out to be a good one--7 sales between Very Verdant and myself! YAH!

I did get four more bibs made up yesterday before I headed in to Ft Rucker to help Very Verdant. Two more helicopter ones, and two vintage airplane ones. :) I found it funny that my Monster has a blanket made of the helicopter fabric (which he cries about when it has to be washed--"helcoper, helcoper"!), and a quilt made out of the vintage airplanes fabric! :) As soon as I got to the PX, I pulled out all my paraphernalia to get the snaps and price tags onto the bibs--the snap squeezer-on tool was at the PX in a basket. I normally print out the labels for all my things, but I guess the other night I ran the ink absolutely dry--so I used my rubber stamp to stamp all the tags, then wrote all the care info on the back. While I sewed the tags on all the bibs, Very Verdant put all the snaps on for me. And just in time, too, cause a lady came by while we were in this process, and snatched up one of my helicopter bibs! :)

I had one yard left of the helicopter fabric, and was debating about doing all bibs with it, or 4 bibs and 4 burp cloths. Husband told me last night to just make up all bibs with it--so I have four more cut out and ready to sew today! It's funny that after putting out the bibs yesterday, people came by to look again--people who went by us earlier in the week. I tried to give a card to one lady who was oohing and aahing over the bibs--but she already had one from before. :) (Very Verdant is GREAT at giving people cards!)

The PX is having a "block party" this weekend. There are sales and discounts all weekend--but on Saturday, they are having some sort of kids bicycle event. It sounds fun--and having it from 10-1--perfect! The kids'll get hungry and grumpy, moms and dads will bring them in for food, and they'll "need" something from the px--and hopefully "need" something from us, as well! :) The post animal shelter is capitalizing on this, too--they are bringing their adoptable pets to hang out at the PX all morning! :) How shameless is that!!!! (I swear, if they have a German Shepherd puppy--I'm done for!!!!)

That's it for now. Bug and Monster and I get to chill out today while Very Verdant works her hiney off. But tomorrow bright and early, I'll be out there working beside her. Last day is Saturday!

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