Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Selling at the PX--Day One

Monday was our first day of setting up a "booth" at the Ft Rucker PX. We have five tables pushed together with (dirty) red tablecloths to display our goodies. (Very Verdant is doing the selling--I'm just helping when I can.) We arrived expecting a kiosk, but everything was full except these tables. Kinda unexpected--but where we're located, everyone who actually goes into the PX HAS to walk by us.

The PX here is alot slower than the PX's in Germany--I mentioned to Very Verdant that I WISH I'd been doing this when we lived in Germany all those years! :) I had time galore to sew (no kiddos then), time to sell, and the PX was the hang out spot for sooooo many people--being that it was the only American place to buy anything over there. Oh well!

It was crazy all last week preparing for this day. I sewed 46 items, when I normally sew 2-8 in a week. Then this morning, the rush of getting the kids up and out the door early, setting up, making sure we understood the paperwork and such--then......we sit.....and we wait...... It was a little crazy! :) All that rushing around, then the anti-climax of waiting for people to buy from us. (And the inevitable thoughts that since we sewed all these beautiful things, people were going to come in DROVES to buy from us!)

A very unexpected thing happened while sitting there today--all kinds of army wife baggage started coming out. Husband has been civilian for over 2 yrs now, so it was weird that being in the PX was waking up things inside of me--memories, frustrations, and even the old attitudes. I realized stuff was still there when that kiosk was full, and we were left to figure out where we were supposed to be. Very Verdant asked me how come I was in such a good mood about it--and I said it was because I learned to not expect things to turn out as they should--that I learned to expect the worst in any situation. And somehow, in the back of my mind, I had already decided that we probably wouldn't get the kiosk--so dealing with it wasn't a big deal when it arose. I don't think like this anymore in civilian life--but being on post, and dealing with AAFES, it came back. What's funny is how Husband mentioned something similar last week. He's doing his two week reserve drill right now, and he mentioned that it was surprising how easily he slipped into the "army mindset" after being out of it for so long. Anyway, I didn't mean to get into all this--it's just that I am still trying to process today, and I'm finding that there are things inside of me I'd forgotten!

So day one: some cards handed out, lots of smiling at people (they NEED that--poor, miserable souls!), lots of waiting and talking, and after I left, Very Verdant reported that she had several people ask how long we were selling--and they got excited that we would be set up through Saturday--cause payday is on Thursday. :) That's good! (Note: ALWAYS set up at the PX during a payday!)

That's it! I need to get back to bed!
MonsterBug Blankets


Sygnet Creations said...

You ARE a brave soul! I live on an Air Force BAse and I often think of selling at the BX. I too know that I will prpbably not find a kiosk but a small table to set up shop....but I am glad that you were in good spirits and I hope you have many sales... YEs payday is a plus! Thanks for the great read =)

Liz said...

so did you have good sales? i think about doing that at our px but we are at a very small base in germany - i think the only time i would get good traffic is during the weekend. i need to find someone who would run it with me. i hope you get lots of sales!!

MonsterBug Blankets said...

Thanks, guys!
Liz, no sales for day one. I agree that you'll most likely do best on the weekends at a small post--especially payday weekend--yah!

MayRae said...

Congrats on being there :) You'll have to let us know your sales over this weekend as well.
As for falling back into things, isn't it interesting how easy it can be to fall into the same routine?