Sunday, May 18, 2008

Selling at the PX--Days Five and Six

Yesterday, Very Verdant and I finished our week of selling at the Ft Rucker PX. It was lovely to sleep in this morning (well, sleeping in is relative--as a mom, anything past 630 is sleeping in--and I made it to 640!), and to lie there knowing I didn't HAVE to be anywhere or sew anything. It was an exciting week of sewing and sitting at the PX and selling and visiting with people. And now it's done, and part of me is sad--though the other part is relieved to be able to relax a little!

Saturday was a rather slow day, but Friday we did well. I told Very Verdant that I thought I was a jinx to the whole enterprise, because whenever I showed up, everything slowed down! And I was there all day Sat--so I was bad for business!

I now have TONS of baby bibs made up and waiting for some little ones to drool and slobber all over! I've fallen in love with making them--so I have tons made, and more to make! :) I like that I can cut them out and do most of the prep work while the kids are playing outside! Then inside I just sew--and that goes quickly! It's fun to have a project I can start and finish in one day--and have multiples made in a hurry. A very big sense of accomplishment!!!

I'm still trying to decide what I should list on etsy, what I should just put on my website, and what I should take by the local baby boutique! It's all confusing to me. I worry that I'll put something in the wrong place when it would've sold if it were elsewhere! So many doubts--all the time!

I spent some time today doing accounting work--counting money, figuring out taxes, and all that. Fun, fun. I also listed several receipts in my ledger, and caught up on my inventory--well, my purchases inventory, not my creations. THAT inventory may never get done! I figured that I better get all my sales listed while they were still fresh--and that way I know what to set aside for taxes at the end of the month (and what I can SPEND on fabric now!!!).

I have two helicopter fabrics on order--one is the same one I already had:
And the other is this one:

Also, I found a VERY handy little site to help me find fabric online: That's how I was able to find the helicopter fabrics I wanted--everyone on etsy and ebay wanted a ridiculous amount of money for shipping. Sorry, if I order one yard of fabric at full price, I DO NOT want to then pay PRIORITY shipping AND handling fees! Then pay an extra $1-2 for each additional yard. I know that at least 5-7 yards will fit in the priority envelope, and 20 yards will fit in the flat rate priority box. One shop on ebay wanted me to pay $5.55 in shipping for one fat quarter of fabric (18"x22")! A 42 cent stamp on an envelope would've worked for me! Anyway, I found the shipping to be more reasonable through some of the stores listed in this one site.

I have several projects I need to work on this week. A baby burp cloth to match a bib I sold at the PX (it has pretty little ladybugs on it!), a Raggy-Tag Blanket that was ordered, my sister's kitchen curtains, and I need to begin the quilt for my friend A. Oh, and get the house in order for company next weekend! Bug's room alone could take a month, I think! :) :) And possibly an order for a ballet bib. Oh, and I wanted to make Bug's ballet teacher a baby gift, too. Forgot about that!

Gotta get my sleepy head in bed! :)

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