Thursday, May 15, 2008

Selling at the PX--Days Two and Three

I read a comment on the Etsy forums yesterday about craft fairs. The original question concerned how busy/slow to expect things to be--and one etsian said that her first few craft fairs were slow--but not to discount the value of getting your name out there and getting known--that it's VERY important. It's helping (some). :)

Day Two: 1 sale for me. Day Three: 4 sales for Very Verdant online, 1 sale for me at the PX. (Day One=no sales) Today (Day Four) is payday--high hopes!

Very Verdant was on her own all day yesterday. She reported lots of interest, lots of business card gathering by people. There was a lady who came by and was interested in having the two of us sell at a Children's Fair she was organizing for this fall. She wants to have only 4-5 people selling, and all of them selling handmade items! It sounds like a ton of fun! (We don't have nearly enough places around here selling only handmade stuff!) She also reported lots of Daddies being interested in my patriotic bibs! I've not had any dads buy from me before--so that's cool!

I spent time on Tuesday and yesterday cutting out more bib fronts, and last night after the kids were in bed, I worked on putting together eight of them. These are different than the Patriotic Bibs--they are patterned fabric on the front with white chenille on the back. Very cute! Two of them are made from a helicopter fabric, one sock monkeys, one ladybugs, one flamingos, one bug jars, one fire hydrants, and one of old railroad signs. I'll probably get two more of the helicopter ones made up before heading to the PX this afternoon. I was hoping to get some matching burp cloths made, too, but that'll have to wait!

I bought some fabrics in April to make Play Blankets in the Auburn and Alabama school colors. Now I'm thinking maybe I should just make bib and burp cloths sets, instead. Maybe a play blanket or two, but not all Play Blankets. We'll see--I have some time to think on it!

That's it for now! :)
MonsterBug Blankets

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