Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Week

Helicopter Bib

Sorry, I haven't felt like talking this week. It's the post craft fair let down--weariness, grumpiness, and the like. I've sewn ONE thing all week, and that's only cause I HAD to make a burp cloth to match a ladybug bib I had--I sold them as a set to a lady last week, with the promise of getting the burp cloth to her this weekend. I wanted to sew more--or rather, wanted to want to sew more--but I pretty much felt like yuck all week. Thursday I finally was able to relax enough to sleep, and boy did I get a good nap in! :)

I cleaned up my workroom today. It looks sooooo much better. There's alot of furniture in there, and so even a little bit of messiness makes it seem WAY too cluttered--and, since it's a very visible room, it makes all of us a bit crazy! I finally was able to move the old German wedding basket out from in front of the stairs, too--which helps reduce the cluttered feel of the room. Monster has managed to graduate from needing our permission and supervision to climb the stairs--to mastering them and being able to go up and down as he pleases. :) Which turned into a LOT of "I go upSTAIRS?!" today. :) He's such a cutie!

I got the BEST fabric in this week!!!! It has Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters on it, along with some air force jets I don't know anything about! Husband loves it, and said I NEED to order a whole bunch of it! Yes, he gave me permission to order MORE fabric! Imagine THAT! I agree with him that it could prove to be a wise move for selling on Ft Rucker!

I actually got alot of fabric in this week. My Amy Butler fabrics came in from my fabric coop. I received 10 yards, I think--about 6 more are back ordered. And with that helicopter fabric, I had another helicopter print--the one I've sewn with before. I popped into several fabric stores on Tuesday, mostly buying for myself--my mother's day present was fabric that I could only use for myself! :) I plan on making several dish towels in fun oranges, greens, and browns, and also some cloth napkins out of Amy Butler's Olive Chrysanthemum fabric! For MonsterBug Blankets I bought some more jungle fabric for bibs and burp cloths (since I sold out of that in a heartbeat before!), and an adorable Alexander Henry Christmas print--50% off!!!! I need to get busy sewing for Christmas fairs--they'll be here WAY sooner than I expect!

That's been my week. I hope to get the sewing bug again this coming week!

MonsterBug Blankets

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