Saturday, June 7, 2008

Finding Balance

Yesterday afternoon I woke up and thought, hmmmm, I have three bibs I could topstitch, put snaps on, and probably take pictures of before the kids get up from nap. And I got up, sewed, squished snaps on, and took pics! And last night I even started listing them on etsy. Wow--where'd THAT come from??? I even cut out several 10x18" pieces of flannel and chenille to make burp cloths--whoa! :)

Maybe this sewing break is over. That would be nice! I realized yesterday that I've been pushing and shoving for MonsterBug Blankets since February. The Piney Woods Arts Festival was the end of March--had to get tons sewn before. I went on vacation 2 weeks later--just me and the kids for nearly 2 weeks. A week after I got home, I started sewing like a maniac to have enough things to sell at the PX--and that manic sewing binge went through the week I was out there selling. So DUH--no wonder I've just not wanted to sew for three weeks! Or list. Or do anything business related! It all makes sense NOW.

It has been nice--when I haven't worried about not sewing--cause I realized my priorities had gotten messed up there for a bit. Being a mommy had gotten tiresome and frustrating--and every little thing was making me grumpy and impatient. Now I'm happy to be a mommy--and find myself doing all kinds of silly little fun things with them. (I'm FUN mommy again--yah!) Our days are more relaxed and laid back--instead of me feeling that sitting outside and watching my kids was not enough--I needed to be sewing or cutting or pinning or or or or......

It's hard to strike that balance. Sometimes it feels soooooo good to accomplish things each day. To have a goal set in mind for things to work on--and to exceed that goal. But more times than not, it feels great to just be. To see each morning how we'll do our day. To not have so much pressure on myself. I have to figure out how to be relaxed without being 100% lazy, and how to accomplish things without being 100% psycho! :) For me, it's often all or nothing!

Sooooo--that's me for now. I've sewn a bit, I've listed a bit, and I've rested and spent time just being silly and having fun. All in all, a good couple of days!

More later. :)
MonsterBug Blankets

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