Friday, June 13, 2008

My Project Today

I cleaned out my fabric closet this week. Here are the fabrics that had piled up on the closet floor--oh, and this is minus the 25 yards I'd already put away!

I needed to organize and straighten out my shelves so they'd fit everything. So I dumped the fabric off one shelf. It was full of fabric pieces--mostly 1 yard or less.

While working through all that fabric, I re-found pieces I'd forgotten about! And I was excited about finding scraps of some of my favorites! The scraps were less than the yard I need for a baby blanket, but PLENTY big to make some bibs and burp cloths with! YAH!

Here is my shelf with most of the fabrics back on--the fabric on my cutting table (picture 1) still needed to get in here!

For the most part, it fit in just fine--BUT I have four BOLTS of fabric that are upstairs needing to be washed. Not so sure where they will fit in all this! I didn't get the top shelf in the pic. Guess you don't get to see how MESSY it is! And I still have four walmart bags of scraps, my grandpas' ties, my chenille, and fabric for my husband that I had to put back on the floor. There's just no where else to put them!

I'm glad I got to go through everything. I love my fabrics! And I found such pretties in there! Plus, I've been debating about purchasing a large amount of camo fabric I can get wholesale. But today I saw I have NOWHERE to put it. I can still picture 8 million ways to sew it all--but I need to be busy sewing what I currently own! Maybe next year?

Last night I got busy once the kids were in bed. I finished 8 burp cloths, and sewed this cool blanket for Bug:

She kicked her quilt to the curb this afternoon--and covered up instead with her minky giraffe blanket. My first time sewing with minky--I didn't do anything special--I turned the edges over and sewed them. It was kind of hard to sew--the fabric kept wanting to go down to visit the bobbin. :) And I had to pull it from the back as the machine stitched. I'm not too keen on using this in the future--but HAD to have the giraffe print for Bug. :)

It's always good to go through everything once in awhile. Gives me new ideas and I feel great having things organized! AND, I'm excited to be back to sewing! I sewed briefly on Wednesday--till the kids woke up--and finished everything yesterday. I still haven't gotten any pictures taken to list on etsy. Maybe tomorrow?

MonsterBug Blankets


Bubba & Rye said...

Wow, Hon.....maybe make a pak to use 1/2 of that before buying any more...You practically have a fabric store at home, LOL!

Bubba & Rye said...


terryann said...

looks alot like mine...only mine is full of oriental fabrics...I broke down and got some of those clear plastic drawers a few years ago, because we had a flood in our basement... so... the investment had to be safe!