Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sewing Break

I'm not feeling so creative lately. It scares me. I know it's just a side effect from busyness and then insomnia--but I don't like it. And it feels like YEARS since I last felt like sewing! I've left everything flounder--the blog, etsy, sewing. BUT--I have a clean house! :) YAH! Guess that's the side effect of not wanting to sew. Hmmmm, husband likes that!

I'm still online in the forums on etsy, my fabric coop, and etsybaby. But I feel like an imposter sometimes--like I'm pretending to have a shop and pretending to have a business. :) Silly, I know. See--I'm being creative--just weirdly!

Want to know the truly scary part--I walked out of the quilt shoppe yesterday--get this--without buying ANYTHING! No fabrics. They were lovely to look at, and touch, of course, but nope--didn't feel the NEED to buy anything! And the last 2 buys on my fabric coop--nope, nothing spent there, either. This is definitely a good thing--but very weird! Perhaps I bought so much fabric last month that I'm bought out! Or maybe I'm feeling horribly guilty for not sewing with any of the yards and yards sitting in my fabric closet! (I mentioned earlier today that I could hear the fabric screaming at me to sew it--even from behind the closet doors!)

So, this is my weird little sewing break. I suppose they are needed from time to time. Time to smell the roses, hug the kids, relax (if I wasn't so worried about not wanting to sew!), sleep, rest, clean, etc.

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terryann said...

hey we all have "seasons" in our lives... I don't like I don't have any. My neighbors are acres away anyway.
My problem is I would rathe sew than cook, and my family notices when they don't get fed...