Thursday, July 31, 2008

Runway and Heliport Playmat

This is Monster's Christmas present from LAST year--just completed today.
No, it's not a purse. (I'll let those of you who know hubby pick yourselves off the floor now.)
It's a Runway and Helipad Playmat!
It folds up nice and neat, and has handles to carry it around!
Here it is with a few of Monster's EXTENSIVE aircraft collection--just so you get the full effect!

This is my first prototype of this playmat. I already have a laundry list of changes I want to make. But since I'd already started it in this shape and size about 8 or 9 months ago, I finished it the way it was started. I'm trying to remember the size--I think approximately 18"x22", give or take.

I came up with the idea last year--Hubby flies both airplanes and helicopters, and I was a student pilot many, many moons ago. The runway numbers are from the main runways I flew in and out of when I took lessons--good old three three and one five! :) The helipad is all for hubby! :) Hope the little squirt loves it!

Not much sewing going on here. We've been super-busy running the kids around and just going through life. I've just sewn some here and there. I made some gorgeous dish towels for my neighbor this week, but forgot to photograph them before the kids delivered them. So you'll just have to take my word on it!

I've ordered alot of fabric--some Christmas, some halloween. I found a place to finally purchase the ACU fabric--so I can make playmats and baby blankets and stockings and bibs and burp cloths and, and, and.....out of it. The one business I contacted 4 times by email, three by phone, and for some reason, they just are not interested in my money. So don't try Magna Fabrics if you are searching for ACU fabric! Maybe I'm too small potatoes with the 30 yards I wanted. Maybe they are just soooooo busy they don't have time to sneeze. But when someone has money for you--take it!

That's about it for my update!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boat Baby Blanket

This baby blanket is on its way to Virginia right now. I love the orange in the sails! I have more of this fabric to make some bibs and burp cloths out of--yah!

Not much else going on here. Waiting for my ACU fabric, and waiting for the sale tomorrow at The Front Porch Quilt Shoppe--yah! Moda has a new map fabric out that is to die for! And me being a map junkie--gonna be expensive!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy With Bibs

These are the bibs I made for my friend A's baby. I love them! I sure hope she does!!! :) I think I've FINALLY worked out in my head what I want to make for her baby quilt--now quilts. Yes, I've been having a mental block on her quilt, cause I really have ideas for two and was trying to make them fit into one quilt. So I am glad to have that sorted out, and need to get cracking so her poor baby won't freeze without her cozy quilts! :) (Though living in FL--I DOUBT that'll happen!)

And this is a Bib and Burp Cloth Set I'll be listing on Etsy tonight. I have two of them made (though the fabric placement is different on the second one). I worked some on the rest of the bibs I began the other day--need to finish them off tonight. :)

I realized today that my white chenille fabric is almost out! I've gone through six yards of it since May, and that's with not sewing for 4 weeks (or was it 6?)! I went to to see what they have listed and if they have any coupons off right now. 1. they didn't have any white chenille 2. the coupons they have are only good through Saturday--and I need one for Sunday, when hubby will be near a Joann's to pick up the fabric for me. (He doesn't know about this yet--shhh!) :)

Oh, I also found a supplier for my army ACU fabric that I've been hunting for. I thought I would have to order 100 yards from them, but they will allow a 30 yard minimum! YAH! Sooooo, if anyone needs some ACU fabric, I'm the gal to get ahold of! (Where, oh where will I put it all?)

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Sewing

I got these beautiful trims yesterday--I'm using them as the cuffs for my Christmas Stockings. I think they are gorgeous! I "finished" 3 Christmas Stockings last night and today, but am not happy with them, so I need to rip out some stitches and redo parts of them. I sewed the lining smaller than the outside--which works great with fitting down into the toe/foot area of the stockings--BUT the top of it is also smaller--so when I went to sew the lace onto the top I had some problems. The lace and outside of the stocking are about half an inch wider than the lining. So parts are gathered, and the top of the stocking is more narrow than the base of it. Aargh! I am not at all happy with it, and need to work on it some more to make it "perfect". It's frustrating to spend alot of time on something, then have to redo it. :(

I cut some more bibs and burp cloths out today, and worked on piecing quilt squares together to make bibs for my friend A's baby. One is a nine patch square, from which I'll cut the bib shape and sew together. The other is yellow squares, and I'm planning on sewing some poppies onto the front of it. I'm excited!

The nice thing is that I am sewing again--that I WANT to sew. Yah! I guess I'm rested from the craziness from the beginning of the year. Good timing, too, as I need to get BUSY for the Christmas craft shows!

Anyone know where I can purchase some REAL army ACU fabric???? I'm having a TIME finding what I want! Nowhere local has anymore of it. I can order 100 yards of it--for a good price--anyone want some ACU fabric, too??? Cause I don't need 100 yards. I ordered some online last week--"100% cotton rip stop fabric, 7 ounces per square inch". What I received: a lightweight cotton/polyester blend with no ripstop--what a joke! The picture online was what I wanted--but they sent something completely different. I'm so frustrated and disappointed.

Anyway, that's been my Saturday. I'm happy to be back sewing! What fun! :)

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Thursday, July 10, 2008


So here's a partially finished Christmas stocking (above), and here are a couple, waiting to be sewn (below).
This quilt they came from was GORGEOUS! When I was pregnant with Monster, I found it, and sooooo wanted it to be at the foot of his big boy bed when he got older. The quilt needed washing--kinda musty-smelling--so silly me throws it into the washing machine. The first time didn't hurt it--but the second time did. Tore several of the squares and damaged it beyond use as a quilt. I was devastated! The beautiful hand-stitching was so damaged. Why I thought I could dump a wool quilt in the washing machine????

Then that first Christmas (I think yesterday I said it was this past Christmas--was wrong about that) I made Monster a stocking with this quilt. It was tough to cut into, even as damaged as it was. But his stocking is gorgeous! And I wanted to make more out of the same quilt! I just hope other people love the worn quilt look, too!

I ordered some army ACU fabric online last week, and got it in today. It's a cotton twill, and I'm rather disappointed with it. It looks the same from a distance, but I love the texture of the regular ACU fabric--it has the "ripstop" squares throughout, and the texture really makes the fabric for me. So now I have three yards of fabric I'm not thrilled with. And WHO KNOWS when Hancock's is going to get more of the real stuff in--OR how long it will last! Everyone around here has snatched up every last piece of ACU fabric they can find! Gonna be LOTS of it at the Christmas Bazaar, I can feel it!

Gonna go get the kiddos and make dinner!
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas Stockings

Hubby was talking last week about how fast time will go by between now and the Christmas craft shows, and that I need to be REALLY stocked up by then. So, three nights ago, I decided to go ahead and work a little on some Christmas stockings. I had two cutter quilts I planned on using, and I got my patterns and pins out, and was prepared to cut, cut, cut..... But. One of the quilts was just too pretty. And not torn up enough to justify me cutting into it. Even though the colors were PERFECT for making stockings, I just couldn't do it. And don't think this is the first quilt I've decided to keep instead of cutting--I promise you I have four others sitting on an old trunk in my bedroom! All of which were supposed to be used for sewing projects! :) (A couple of them will make it one day--once they fall apart a little more, but for now, they still have some warmth to give!)
^ The one I couldn't cut. I love the aqua and orange!
^The stack in my room--one more out in my sewing room.

I was able to get six stocking out of a small lap quilt made of old wool suits. I actually made one for Monster last Christmas out of this quilt. I have quite a bit of it left over--but it's falling apart too much to be used for more stockings--so I have to figure out something else. Maybe some sort of stuffed animal??? Yes, I'm STILL throwing that idea around, even if my first try wasn't that impressive! :) The neat thing is that the backing of the quilt is in such great condition, I'm using it for the backing of the stockings. One, maybe two, have some fabrics pieced together--way cool! I cut the linings out two nights ago, but still need to run out and find some trim for the cuffs.

I have another quilt WAY up in the top of my fabric closet that I may look at for more stockings. I made one for Bug out of this quilt, but the colors aren't very exciting. Kind of bland. The dark greens, blues, browns, and greys of the suit quilt are GREAT--especially with the yellow stitching holding the squares together--but this one way up high is kind of washed out pastels (if I remember correctly). Probably just is ME, not being into pastels! :)

I have time tonight to work on stuff, but am feeling weary and BLAH. I COULD piece those stockings--it would take very little time, then when hubby comes home and wants to chill together--I could do the cutting and flipping out of the stockings.... Hmmm....

Anyway, I know working on Christmas stuff now is weird a little, but it is also something different for me--and I get a kick out of doing new things every week or so! :)

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Friday, July 4, 2008

More Dish Towels

So here are more dish towels I worked on today. I had to con the kids so I could sew--stickers, fabric scraps to "sew" with, snack inside on their picnic blanket, and a bubble bath did the trick! They were happy and busy, and so was I! Now I have four more pretties to dry my hands on!

Etsy Homefront Challenge

The Etsy Homefront Team has done a 4th of July Challenge: Red, White, and Blue...the vote is up to YOU! Please visit our website and vote for your favorite item (until 7 July)! The Homefront Team is made up of spouses, moms, and significant others of soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, and Coast Guard members.
By voting, you receive a 10% discount in participating Etsy stores, and a chance to be featured in a treasury (if you have an etsy shop).
We were challenged to create something Red, White, and Blue and/or patriotic. My bib and burp cloth set was created for the soldiers at Ft Rucker, AL. It has a flower for the US, and a flower for the US Army!
Happy 4th of July!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dish Towels

The fabric coop I belong to has challenged me to make something for myself. And that turned out great, cause my Mother's Day present was fabric--to sew for MYSELF. So I got to it yesterday, and began ironing and cutting and sewing. I made myself some new, colorful dish towels. Dish towels??? YES! I get it from my Grandma--from whom I also inherited the need for cloth napkins, and millions of sheets. Plus, our kitchen is 1980's UGLY, and it will be at least another year or two before we're able to change that--and in the meantime I want SOMETHING in there to look pretty! So here are my dish towels so far--I still have 3 more fabrics to work with.

They are two layers of fabrics, approximately 17 inches by 21 inches. I didn't measure the dish towels I had before buying the fabrics for this, but fat quarters cut from my half-yards turned out to be a nice size. I used a permanent-press white muslin for the backs. My sewing machine complained alot when I sewed these. Yikes! I DO need to get it serviced. I think she got a little grumpy on me for not sewing with her hardly at all the past 6 weeks--though I'm just now remembering that I have a knits needle on her, instead of one for regular fabrics. Hmmmm.
:) I'm enjoying them--but a little scared to use them for anything more than wiping dry my wet hands. My other towels I abuse and clean up all matters of wet stuff with. Not these puppies! These are my pretty ones. :)
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