Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Busy With Bibs

These are the bibs I made for my friend A's baby. I love them! I sure hope she does!!! :) I think I've FINALLY worked out in my head what I want to make for her baby quilt--now quilts. Yes, I've been having a mental block on her quilt, cause I really have ideas for two and was trying to make them fit into one quilt. So I am glad to have that sorted out, and need to get cracking so her poor baby won't freeze without her cozy quilts! :) (Though living in FL--I DOUBT that'll happen!)

And this is a Bib and Burp Cloth Set I'll be listing on Etsy tonight. I have two of them made (though the fabric placement is different on the second one). I worked some on the rest of the bibs I began the other day--need to finish them off tonight. :)

I realized today that my white chenille fabric is almost out! I've gone through six yards of it since May, and that's with not sewing for 4 weeks (or was it 6?)! I went to to see what they have listed and if they have any coupons off right now. 1. they didn't have any white chenille 2. the coupons they have are only good through Saturday--and I need one for Sunday, when hubby will be near a Joann's to pick up the fabric for me. (He doesn't know about this yet--shhh!) :)

Oh, I also found a supplier for my army ACU fabric that I've been hunting for. I thought I would have to order 100 yards from them, but they will allow a 30 yard minimum! YAH! Sooooo, if anyone needs some ACU fabric, I'm the gal to get ahold of! (Where, oh where will I put it all?)

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MayRae said...

Just a bit of fabric coming your way then. Love the bibs. Too cute.

Rebecca said...

30 yards? you better have some big closets! Cute bibs, as always!