Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Christmas Stockings

Hubby was talking last week about how fast time will go by between now and the Christmas craft shows, and that I need to be REALLY stocked up by then. So, three nights ago, I decided to go ahead and work a little on some Christmas stockings. I had two cutter quilts I planned on using, and I got my patterns and pins out, and was prepared to cut, cut, cut..... But. One of the quilts was just too pretty. And not torn up enough to justify me cutting into it. Even though the colors were PERFECT for making stockings, I just couldn't do it. And don't think this is the first quilt I've decided to keep instead of cutting--I promise you I have four others sitting on an old trunk in my bedroom! All of which were supposed to be used for sewing projects! :) (A couple of them will make it one day--once they fall apart a little more, but for now, they still have some warmth to give!)
^ The one I couldn't cut. I love the aqua and orange!
^The stack in my room--one more out in my sewing room.

I was able to get six stocking out of a small lap quilt made of old wool suits. I actually made one for Monster last Christmas out of this quilt. I have quite a bit of it left over--but it's falling apart too much to be used for more stockings--so I have to figure out something else. Maybe some sort of stuffed animal??? Yes, I'm STILL throwing that idea around, even if my first try wasn't that impressive! :) The neat thing is that the backing of the quilt is in such great condition, I'm using it for the backing of the stockings. One, maybe two, have some fabrics pieced together--way cool! I cut the linings out two nights ago, but still need to run out and find some trim for the cuffs.

I have another quilt WAY up in the top of my fabric closet that I may look at for more stockings. I made one for Bug out of this quilt, but the colors aren't very exciting. Kind of bland. The dark greens, blues, browns, and greys of the suit quilt are GREAT--especially with the yellow stitching holding the squares together--but this one way up high is kind of washed out pastels (if I remember correctly). Probably just is ME, not being into pastels! :)

I have time tonight to work on stuff, but am feeling weary and BLAH. I COULD piece those stockings--it would take very little time, then when hubby comes home and wants to chill together--I could do the cutting and flipping out of the stockings.... Hmmm....

Anyway, I know working on Christmas stuff now is weird a little, but it is also something different for me--and I get a kick out of doing new things every week or so! :)

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Rebecca said...

You are on top of it! Won't it feel good for you to have some Christmas product finished way in advance? You inspire me!I look forward to seeing pics of your stockings!