Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dish Towels

The fabric coop I belong to has challenged me to make something for myself. And that turned out great, cause my Mother's Day present was fabric--to sew for MYSELF. So I got to it yesterday, and began ironing and cutting and sewing. I made myself some new, colorful dish towels. Dish towels??? YES! I get it from my Grandma--from whom I also inherited the need for cloth napkins, and millions of sheets. Plus, our kitchen is 1980's UGLY, and it will be at least another year or two before we're able to change that--and in the meantime I want SOMETHING in there to look pretty! So here are my dish towels so far--I still have 3 more fabrics to work with.

They are two layers of fabrics, approximately 17 inches by 21 inches. I didn't measure the dish towels I had before buying the fabrics for this, but fat quarters cut from my half-yards turned out to be a nice size. I used a permanent-press white muslin for the backs. My sewing machine complained alot when I sewed these. Yikes! I DO need to get it serviced. I think she got a little grumpy on me for not sewing with her hardly at all the past 6 weeks--though I'm just now remembering that I have a knits needle on her, instead of one for regular fabrics. Hmmmm.
:) I'm enjoying them--but a little scared to use them for anything more than wiping dry my wet hands. My other towels I abuse and clean up all matters of wet stuff with. Not these puppies! These are my pretty ones. :)
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Rebecca said...

thanks for sharing! They are gorgeous - and how nice to have them customized to your tastes!

Beth said...

So pretty! I just love Amy Butler fabrics. The others are really nice too, so colorful! Enjoy them! (And no wiping up spaghetti sauce with 'em!)