Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Sewing

I got these beautiful trims yesterday--I'm using them as the cuffs for my Christmas Stockings. I think they are gorgeous! I "finished" 3 Christmas Stockings last night and today, but am not happy with them, so I need to rip out some stitches and redo parts of them. I sewed the lining smaller than the outside--which works great with fitting down into the toe/foot area of the stockings--BUT the top of it is also smaller--so when I went to sew the lace onto the top I had some problems. The lace and outside of the stocking are about half an inch wider than the lining. So parts are gathered, and the top of the stocking is more narrow than the base of it. Aargh! I am not at all happy with it, and need to work on it some more to make it "perfect". It's frustrating to spend alot of time on something, then have to redo it. :(

I cut some more bibs and burp cloths out today, and worked on piecing quilt squares together to make bibs for my friend A's baby. One is a nine patch square, from which I'll cut the bib shape and sew together. The other is yellow squares, and I'm planning on sewing some poppies onto the front of it. I'm excited!

The nice thing is that I am sewing again--that I WANT to sew. Yah! I guess I'm rested from the craziness from the beginning of the year. Good timing, too, as I need to get BUSY for the Christmas craft shows!

Anyone know where I can purchase some REAL army ACU fabric???? I'm having a TIME finding what I want! Nowhere local has anymore of it. I can order 100 yards of it--for a good price--anyone want some ACU fabric, too??? Cause I don't need 100 yards. I ordered some online last week--"100% cotton rip stop fabric, 7 ounces per square inch". What I received: a lightweight cotton/polyester blend with no ripstop--what a joke! The picture online was what I wanted--but they sent something completely different. I'm so frustrated and disappointed.

Anyway, that's been my Saturday. I'm happy to be back sewing! What fun! :)

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