Thursday, July 10, 2008


So here's a partially finished Christmas stocking (above), and here are a couple, waiting to be sewn (below).
This quilt they came from was GORGEOUS! When I was pregnant with Monster, I found it, and sooooo wanted it to be at the foot of his big boy bed when he got older. The quilt needed washing--kinda musty-smelling--so silly me throws it into the washing machine. The first time didn't hurt it--but the second time did. Tore several of the squares and damaged it beyond use as a quilt. I was devastated! The beautiful hand-stitching was so damaged. Why I thought I could dump a wool quilt in the washing machine????

Then that first Christmas (I think yesterday I said it was this past Christmas--was wrong about that) I made Monster a stocking with this quilt. It was tough to cut into, even as damaged as it was. But his stocking is gorgeous! And I wanted to make more out of the same quilt! I just hope other people love the worn quilt look, too!

I ordered some army ACU fabric online last week, and got it in today. It's a cotton twill, and I'm rather disappointed with it. It looks the same from a distance, but I love the texture of the regular ACU fabric--it has the "ripstop" squares throughout, and the texture really makes the fabric for me. So now I have three yards of fabric I'm not thrilled with. And WHO KNOWS when Hancock's is going to get more of the real stuff in--OR how long it will last! Everyone around here has snatched up every last piece of ACU fabric they can find! Gonna be LOTS of it at the Christmas Bazaar, I can feel it!

Gonna go get the kiddos and make dinner!
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MayRae said...

cute stockings! it is getting to be that time isn't it? stock-up time :)

Rebecca said...

I love the worn look of the stockings.A great recovery of your almost lost quilt!