Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday I put in an alchemy bid for a housewarming gift. (Alchemy is a place on etsy where people can post something they'd like to be made, then shop owners write up what they'd make and how much it will cost, and the poster wades through all the bids and chooses the person they want to make the item for them.) I told them I'd make dish towels out of the gorgeous map fabric I have. (I bought the last 34 inches of it last time I was at the quilt shoppe!) But the more and more I thought about it--the more I wanted to use that fabric to make ME some map dish towels. So I've been nervous--I'd like the sale--but I want the dish towels for me more. Thankfully, they chose someone else's idea! YEAH! SO I can get to work on more dish towels for me. (Cause I sure don't have enough!)

I opened a new store on etsy for my home items. The custom order last post will be the first post to that store. I'll share the store info later, I promise--I just haven't done ANYTHING to it, and nothing is posted. I mainly wanted a place to add custom orders that aren't baby related. I may add my stockings and some dish towels to it later, or I may not. It's crazy enough trying to keep up with one store on etsy!

Not much else going on. I need to finish the curtains for Sarah, then on to finishing my friend A's baby items. Oh, and in 4 or 5 months, I'll be sewing for a new niece/nephew--once I find out what my SIL is having--yah! :) (I HATE waiting!)

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Custom Order Dish Towels

I'm almost finished with a custom order for Sarah, a lady I met on etsy. She is an Air Force wife, and makes the prettiest cards--check out her etsy store. She also has two little ones close in age to mine, and is starting to homeschool, so we had alot to chat about while figuring out the details of this order. :)

Sarah wanted something red for her kitchen, and picked out this sweet fabric I had in my stash. It's a favorite of mine--I bought it at Ikea maybe 6-7 years ago. I just loved it, it was a good price, and funny--I wasn't even sewing then! :)

So above are pictures of her four dish towels. The back is a soft, heavy-weight cotton. I also have two curtains I am working on--they are sewn, but I need to add buttonholes so they will look similar to this. My very first buttonholes were the other day when I made Monster's playmat--and being a super-perfectionist, I'm thinking the buttonhole part may take awhile! I'm kinda nervous.

I think that's it for today--it's late, and my brain has begin to shut off....

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adult Blanket

It's rather hard to figure out the fabrics to use for a blanket when you don't know the person who will receive it. This blanket is for a woman I don't know, given by someone who doesn't know her, either--as a surprise. :) Sooooo, I had to look, and weigh choices, and pray, and HOPE I got it right! I wanted to get something with red in it, and something a little graphic. Then I wanted to pair it with something a little more classic. That way if the lady who receives this blanket has a kinda funky style, (hopefully) the more graphic side will suite her. And is she's more traditional, she can flip it over and enjoy the more laid-back side. I love both sides, and hope she loves it, too!

I was planning on making this with only a layer of flannel in the middle, and then I'd only need to do minimal quilting. But I kept thinking of my Grandma, and how cold she would get every time she was at the hospitals, and worried that the flannel wouldn't keep this woman warm enough (she has cancer, and is getting treatments). So I went with a light batting. That meant LOTS more quilting. Not my favorite--I always get SCARED halfway through that it won't look right, but once it's done, I usually end up loving it. (And I'm kinda thinking I might need this blanket now....) :)

Gotta get going--have a custom order to cut and sew!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Runway and Helipad Playmat

Here's prototype #2. I thought I'd make it big and round, with a drawstring for Monster to carry it around when he was done playing. Maybe it's the size--and it needs to be smaller next time--but the drawstrings were too long. I was hoping to have it similar to a backpack when it was drawn up--but nope, WAY too long--especially for little almost two yr old legs. :P But, it is a GREAT playmat, size-wise--approximately 29 inches across.
So, my dilemma--do I make these playmats rectangular, like here--nicely sized for popping in a diaper bag? Or round, like this one--great for lying on in the floor and playing? Smaller circle? larger rectangle? with or without a drawstring? Too many, many choices!
Anyway, that's a little something I was working on the past two days. I have an adult blanket to finish this week, and a custom order of dish towels and a set of curtains. Can't wait to show those off! :)
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Army/Air Force Bibs

I think the summer slowness is about at it's end. Last year, August was the start of many new projects--and so far this month is proving its worth as well! Gonna make me regret not keeping my nose to the grindstone this summer!

Here's the first of my projects for the Holidays In the South Christmas Bazaar:

I love this fabric--it has Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters (my two favorite), FA-18 and F-16 jets, and the B-2 Stealth Bomber. It's too cool! It covers both Army and Air Force aircraft--which is great for this area of the Southeast. I backed these bibs with the Army's new ACU camouflage--and put a layer of flannel in the middle to help absorb liquids.
I have an adult blanket to make this evening, and tomorrow I'm heading to Hancock's Fabrics to get many yards of fleece. I have a Mac-Daddy Dive Flag Blanket to make, and also another Diving blanket to work on--this one is headed to a good cave diving friend. (Hubby gives me all the scuba diving/cave diving blanket ideas!) :)
What else is going on??? I can't think of much. Have lots of Christmas ideas bopping around in my head--presents for people. I'm seriously wondering WHY I haven't sewn all summer! (Getting a wee bit panicked!) Will keep you posted!
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PS--For all of you searching for baby blankets made of ACU fabric (yes, YOU!): I can and will make baby blankets with this fabric. Just haven't made any YET--but I'd LOVE to make one for you! :) Contact me: monsterbugblankets at yahoo dot com. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Christmas Crayons--Choose Your Colors

I'm back to making Christmas Crayons. Yes, I know it is barely August, and yes, I know that when I am outside photographing them in the 95 degree heat they begin to melt--but it is time to make them, and time to list them on etsy! I've already sold four sets--in the first two days they were listed! Bug and Monster helped me take off all the wrappers, and Bug helped me break them so I melt the pieces into the swirled beauties above! They are soooo proud of their hard work! :)
Last year I made several Christmas Crayons, sold them quickly, and ended up not making more. It was a hard decision, cause I KNEW they would sell well, but I didn't have time to devote to them then. Too many Christmas presents to make! That is why I'm starting early on them this year. I can stock up now, and get a ton ready for the Christmas season. I've bought around 70 boxes of crayons so far--yikes! :)
I've worked some on the baby quilt for my friend A, and on several sets of bibs and burp cloths. I've started on my helicopter bibs--they are cut out, pinned, and ready for the steady hum of my sewing machine! And this week I need to finish an adult blanket for a friend of hubby's. I can't wait to see it finished!
It's hard to blog when I haven't finished much--just lots of prep work at this point. And lots of crayons! :)
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