Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adult Blanket

It's rather hard to figure out the fabrics to use for a blanket when you don't know the person who will receive it. This blanket is for a woman I don't know, given by someone who doesn't know her, either--as a surprise. :) Sooooo, I had to look, and weigh choices, and pray, and HOPE I got it right! I wanted to get something with red in it, and something a little graphic. Then I wanted to pair it with something a little more classic. That way if the lady who receives this blanket has a kinda funky style, (hopefully) the more graphic side will suite her. And is she's more traditional, she can flip it over and enjoy the more laid-back side. I love both sides, and hope she loves it, too!

I was planning on making this with only a layer of flannel in the middle, and then I'd only need to do minimal quilting. But I kept thinking of my Grandma, and how cold she would get every time she was at the hospitals, and worried that the flannel wouldn't keep this woman warm enough (she has cancer, and is getting treatments). So I went with a light batting. That meant LOTS more quilting. Not my favorite--I always get SCARED halfway through that it won't look right, but once it's done, I usually end up loving it. (And I'm kinda thinking I might need this blanket now....) :)

Gotta get going--have a custom order to cut and sew!

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MayRae said...

I bet she'll love the blanket. It's beautifully done and the choices look wonderful together. That and anything hand made has that extra bit of love in it.