Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Army/Air Force Bibs

I think the summer slowness is about at it's end. Last year, August was the start of many new projects--and so far this month is proving its worth as well! Gonna make me regret not keeping my nose to the grindstone this summer!

Here's the first of my projects for the Holidays In the South Christmas Bazaar:

I love this fabric--it has Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters (my two favorite), FA-18 and F-16 jets, and the B-2 Stealth Bomber. It's too cool! It covers both Army and Air Force aircraft--which is great for this area of the Southeast. I backed these bibs with the Army's new ACU camouflage--and put a layer of flannel in the middle to help absorb liquids.
I have an adult blanket to make this evening, and tomorrow I'm heading to Hancock's Fabrics to get many yards of fleece. I have a Mac-Daddy Dive Flag Blanket to make, and also another Diving blanket to work on--this one is headed to a good cave diving friend. (Hubby gives me all the scuba diving/cave diving blanket ideas!) :)
What else is going on??? I can't think of much. Have lots of Christmas ideas bopping around in my head--presents for people. I'm seriously wondering WHY I haven't sewn all summer! (Getting a wee bit panicked!) Will keep you posted!
MonsterBug Blankets
PS--For all of you searching for baby blankets made of ACU fabric (yes, YOU!): I can and will make baby blankets with this fabric. Just haven't made any YET--but I'd LOVE to make one for you! :) Contact me: monsterbugblankets at yahoo dot com. :)

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Rebecca said...

I love that new fabric! You find the coolest military fabric and I always love your creations!