Monday, August 11, 2008

Christmas Crayons--Choose Your Colors

I'm back to making Christmas Crayons. Yes, I know it is barely August, and yes, I know that when I am outside photographing them in the 95 degree heat they begin to melt--but it is time to make them, and time to list them on etsy! I've already sold four sets--in the first two days they were listed! Bug and Monster helped me take off all the wrappers, and Bug helped me break them so I melt the pieces into the swirled beauties above! They are soooo proud of their hard work! :)
Last year I made several Christmas Crayons, sold them quickly, and ended up not making more. It was a hard decision, cause I KNEW they would sell well, but I didn't have time to devote to them then. Too many Christmas presents to make! That is why I'm starting early on them this year. I can stock up now, and get a ton ready for the Christmas season. I've bought around 70 boxes of crayons so far--yikes! :)
I've worked some on the baby quilt for my friend A, and on several sets of bibs and burp cloths. I've started on my helicopter bibs--they are cut out, pinned, and ready for the steady hum of my sewing machine! And this week I need to finish an adult blanket for a friend of hubby's. I can't wait to see it finished!
It's hard to blog when I haven't finished much--just lots of prep work at this point. And lots of crayons! :)
MonsterBug Blankets

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Maddie and Mommy said...

I LOVE these cool crayons - what a great idea. I will be getting some of these for this Christmas for sure!

BTW - TAG you're it!