Thursday, August 21, 2008

Custom Order Dish Towels

I'm almost finished with a custom order for Sarah, a lady I met on etsy. She is an Air Force wife, and makes the prettiest cards--check out her etsy store. She also has two little ones close in age to mine, and is starting to homeschool, so we had alot to chat about while figuring out the details of this order. :)

Sarah wanted something red for her kitchen, and picked out this sweet fabric I had in my stash. It's a favorite of mine--I bought it at Ikea maybe 6-7 years ago. I just loved it, it was a good price, and funny--I wasn't even sewing then! :)

So above are pictures of her four dish towels. The back is a soft, heavy-weight cotton. I also have two curtains I am working on--they are sewn, but I need to add buttonholes so they will look similar to this. My very first buttonholes were the other day when I made Monster's playmat--and being a super-perfectionist, I'm thinking the buttonhole part may take awhile! I'm kinda nervous.

I think that's it for today--it's late, and my brain has begin to shut off....

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Simply Sarah's said...

Jenn! Those towels are more beautiful than I imagined them to be! I am so excited to put up the curtains and have them all together in my kitchen! You are so sweet and I really appreciate all your hard work!