Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday I put in an alchemy bid for a housewarming gift. (Alchemy is a place on etsy where people can post something they'd like to be made, then shop owners write up what they'd make and how much it will cost, and the poster wades through all the bids and chooses the person they want to make the item for them.) I told them I'd make dish towels out of the gorgeous map fabric I have. (I bought the last 34 inches of it last time I was at the quilt shoppe!) But the more and more I thought about it--the more I wanted to use that fabric to make ME some map dish towels. So I've been nervous--I'd like the sale--but I want the dish towels for me more. Thankfully, they chose someone else's idea! YEAH! SO I can get to work on more dish towels for me. (Cause I sure don't have enough!)

I opened a new store on etsy for my home items. The custom order last post will be the first post to that store. I'll share the store info later, I promise--I just haven't done ANYTHING to it, and nothing is posted. I mainly wanted a place to add custom orders that aren't baby related. I may add my stockings and some dish towels to it later, or I may not. It's crazy enough trying to keep up with one store on etsy!

Not much else going on. I need to finish the curtains for Sarah, then on to finishing my friend A's baby items. Oh, and in 4 or 5 months, I'll be sewing for a new niece/nephew--once I find out what my SIL is having--yah! :) (I HATE waiting!)

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Cute blog! I'm marking it as a favorite. I knew your hubby at WOLBI and he directed me here. I love to sew and quilt and well....I love to collect large piles of fabric :) We have some of the same fabrics!