Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back from my mini-vacation

Yeppers, I've been gone awhile. Can't believe it's been so long since I wrote. can't believe all the things I made and didn't take one photo of. :( I finished a baby quilt for my friend A--and delivered it--yah! :) Haven't seen her since five years ago in Germany--now she has an extra two kids! I made four burp cloths out of Amy Butler fabric for her little baby's burps--they got put to good use right in front of my very eyes! And I made her two older kiddos some cute little wash cloths out of a violin print fabric and my lovely ACU fabric--since her oldest is a boy and his daddy is in the army. I also made a set of a pretty turtle print batik fabric (that I am in love with)--for my friend M.'s little boy--I got to see M. this past week, after 11 years!

While at A.'s house, I worked a little on some diaper and wipes holders, cutting out fabric and sewing on the velcro--yes, I remembered THIS time to sew it on before I stitched everything together! :) My own personal diaper/wipes holder has only one piece of velcro on it--I forgot to put the other piece on, and while it annoys me, I just never have added it. (And I just tried to find where the pics were of that project--can't seem to remember when I made it....) :) Anyway, the fabrics I used are ACU fabric for the outside, and for the insides I picked a pink/green floral for girly ones, and a light blue camo for the boy ones. I have them in my workroom, all pinned together and waiting to be sewn. I finished one of them--but I did that one first, to make sure the velcro was in the right places and that I remembered the correct seaming before I went and made all seven of them.

I got to go to the mother of all Joann's stores last week. It was crazy-big. The one near my MIL's is teeny-tiny, packed and crammed into such a small place. The one by my mom's is maybe 1.5-2 times larger--at least you can turn in a circle in the aisles! :) But the one in FL that is by A's house seems like a super-walmart size! Ok, it's more like an old Walmart size, but when you compare it to the super-tiny ones I've been in, it seems bigger. I was also in 2 Joanns around Orlando--they didn't even compare. And one in Tallahassee--it was smallish, too! Yes, I was on a hunt for some sage green chenille, and ended up calling several Joanns on the route home, trying to find someone who had it in stock!

I found the CUTEST baseball fabrics for my bro's little baby-to-be! :) I decided--girl or boy, this baby of my crazy cubs fan brother is gonna get a baseball blanket--well TWO--since I found two prints I love while at Joanns. :) I can girly them up if they have a girl, don't worry--already have that planned out! :)

I finally picked up the white chenille fabric I've been needing for about 2 months now. It wasn't as much as I wanted to get--but all I had the $$ for. Seven gleaming yards. :) I wanted to buy 20--just so I won't have to worry about trying to get some next time! BTW--does anyone know how to use a Joanns discount coupon for multiple yards of fabric? In the store, my 40% off coupon goes for however many yards I have--but online I was only able to use it for one yard! (Thus the tracking down every Joanns between Orlando and home!) I was NOT going to pay $30 (with shipping) for fabric I could get for $13 in the store! It would be useful to know how to apply the discount to ALL the yards, for future buys--in case I'm not wanting to make a four hour trek to get more chenille!

That's about it. Or at least all I can remember from the past couple of weeks. Oh--I got my Michael Miller fabric in--and am hating I didn't buy more of this print. :( It's too precious in person! :) Oh well--guess I CAN pay full price....

MonsterBug Blankets

PS--my friend A turned me on to the Land of Nod catalog--what cute, cute stuff they have. I saw the most adorable picture on one of the pages--it's of a vintage paper doll and her clothes--all laid out on a mat and framed. Hmmmm---if you check out my current etsy favorites--you'll see where MY brain has gone with this! :) I LOVE the idea--hate having one that ANYONE can buy from the catalog! :)

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