Friday, September 26, 2008

Dish Towels Green and Blue, from my stash

This post is to show L. some of the blue and green fabrics I have in my stash--well, my non-dump truck or baby doll ones! :) She ordered some dish towels, and I figured she would like to see the more grown-up fabrics I have. I also need to run to the quilt shoppe to take a few photos, but that is for another day.
Yes, I included a few fun ones--the turtles, and the two above! :) I mean, those toasters are just TOO MUCH! And, yes, some of my fabrics are horribly wrinkled. I have two little munchkins, so the fabrics get washed when they arrive at home, then ironed just before I sew with them. :) Unless I think I have more time than I do (hmmm, not me!), and iron a bunch thinking I'll sew 50,000 things that week.
Anyway, If anyone else in this world wants custom dish towels, MonsterBug Blankets would be HAPPY to make some for you! They make excellent housewarming or hostess gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or a just because I want pretty new dish towels gift for yourself! Each dish towel is approximately 17"x22", and backed with a soft, white cotton fabric. They are $11 each, and I can make matching dish wash cloths (8"x8") for $4. Just send me an email:
MonsterBug Blankets

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