Saturday, September 20, 2008

Projects This Week

Wow, I was in such a rush to make it to the post office this morning, I completely forgot to take pictures of the Adult Blanket and Tag Blankets I made for my friend A. :( I wanted to keep her blanket, as it has the same front as mine, but a soft, comfy chenille on the back. Warm and cozy--and now I NEED to have a chenille-backed blanket as well!

I guess it was a good thing I didn't stop to take pictures--one, the kids were getting rather grumpy and were ready to DO something other than terrorize each other while Mommy was sewing! And two, we made it to the PO with 15 minutes left before they closed! Got in there kinda close to the deadline. But now I don't have beautiful things to show you!!!! :(

A. picked out Amy Butler's martini print in linen for her baby's Tag Blanket, and one for her friend's baby as well. I think the last time I made a Tag Blanket was back in February? Or March? Not sure.

Now I need to finish top-stitching all the bibs, burp cloths, and diaper and wipes holders I worked on last week. I'm not sure what I'll do next. (There's soooo much to choose from!) I know what I WON'T be making--a baby girl ACU blanket. The beautiful pink flannel I bought at Joann's Fabrics is horrid after I washed and dried it. I will NOT use Joann's flannel again. It is the most pilled up, rough flannel I've ever used! And I normally buy Walmart flannel. I assumed the quality would be greater, but it is so poor. I'm absolutely amazed at this. Has anyone else found this to be the case??? Anyway, I do have a glorious, soft, cushy baby blue flannel (where, oh, where did I purchase it???) that will make a sweet baby boy ACU blanket. I'll sew ACU camo on one side, and the baby blue on the other. Soft, cushy, army! :) (Please, it's for a baby--not a soldier!)

I did spend some time yesterday afternoon sewing tags on some of my bibs and burp cloths. I didn't realize so many of them had no tags! Ooops! Now they do--but I didn't put price tags on them yet. Will do that later.

That's all for now!
MonsterBug Blankets

Oh--yeah, order anything, you'll need to contact me from now on. After much deliberation, I decided the few, precious minutes I get to create each day were best used to sew--and not to list, list, list on etsy. So I've pulled my items off, and will now sell through here, on my website, or by phone/email. It just wasn't working out so well. The majority of my MonsterBug Blankets sales come locally or through people I know, yet the majority of my time was spent taking pictures, writing up listings, and trying to promote on etsy. It became more of a hassle than anything else. So now I have MORE time to do what I really love--sewing! YIPPEEEEEE! :)

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