Monday, September 15, 2008

Sneaking in Some Sewing

I've sewn a little bit here and there the last few days--the bibs, burp cloths, and diaper/wipes holders I got pinned up before and during our vacation. Hubby was studying one night and I sewed, and then last night the kids played outside after dinner and I just needed some time to myself. While on the phone last night, and while the kids played outside today, I trimmed everything, then flipped all the pieces right side out. I need to press and top stitch everything still, but it is a great start!

This morning I was able to press some fabric that will become bibs. And this afternoon I'll start on the adult blanket for my friend A. I need to press the brown fabric, and pin it to the sage chenille she picked out, then sew the edges. I may not get it all done this afternoon, but maybe I can work some tonight after the kids are in bed and hubby is studying. I hope to get all the rest of it done tomorrow--then ship it off to her on Wednesday or Thursday. :)

Saturday, hubby and I went to Hancock's fabrics for me to buy some ACU fabric. I had a 40% off coupon that was about to expire--but lo and behold--all their camo fabrics were 50% off! So I was able to buy 7 yards for $3 a yard! :) I have soooooo much planned for this fabric!

I think I broke our dryer. I washed the 7 yards of white chenille the other day, and there was sooooo much fuzz in the lint trap. Not all of it came out--some fell back into the dryer, and ever since the dryer has not dried properly. Hubby used the vacuum cleaner in and on and around the dryer and the different filters and hoses, etc--but it still isn't working. All my clothes are sopping wet, and I'm having to hang things up to dry. Oh joy.

That's it for what's going on lately. A little bit of sewing, when I can sneak it in. :) And I save my pinning and cutting for when the kids play outside. :)

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