Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sock Monkey Tag Blanket and Bib

Here's a custom order I made for C. I was SO EXCITED that she chose the green Sock Monkey fabric with white chenille for the backing--it looks so pretty together--so cozy! Perfect for the new baby that will receive it!
I hope to get many things worked on today. Well, at least 40 some buttonholes made for 20+ Runway Mats! :) Then I need to hand-embroider all the runway numbers and H's for the helipads. :P I also have 8 helicopter burp cloths to press and top stitch. What else? I don't want to even think about it--I'm already terribly overwhelmed!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Ta Da.....

Here they are: Merryville Tot Town Playmats!
They measure approximately 17"x21", and while the placement is different on each playmat,
all of the scene is on each of them: airport, hotel, playground, "Welcome to Merryville", etc.Each has a blue denim back, and denim ties with ragged edges
Cost: $15.00 (plus shipping and/or tax)
(And you can buy them HERE.)

I did get two small bursts of energy yesterday--well, rather bursts of motivation--cause the energy was hardly there. I spent the kids' bathtime pressing all the playmats (thought I'd DIE--how does sitting in a chair and ironing really wear you out?). Then after lunch, I topstitched them all. Today they received their final pressing, and I pulled all the strings (most of them, at least) off the ties. I originally was going to roll them up with the denim on the outside--but it's so much prettier with the town on the outside, don't you think?
I picked up a 58 gallon container at the store today to hold all the newest items I'm making. The old one is overflowing, and the bench in my workroom was overflowing, too--so it was time for a new one. It now holds about 16 baby doll blankets, 18-20 baby doll burp cloths, and 9 of the playmats. Kinda looks empty--but I have two baby blankets and several bibs to put in there, too--I just didn't get a chance to finish pressing them today.
That's all for now, hoping to get much accomplished this weekend!
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy, busy--then BAM

Being busy and also not sleeping well for three weeks combined into an ugly thing this week. So the past two days I've been sitting in my chair, unable to move or do much. Not fun! Especially when my days are planned to the T for the Holidays in the South Bazaar at Ft Rucker on 15 November! UGH!

I was super busy on Tuesday--even though it was a relaxed, lazy kind of day. I sewed on and off for about 3.5 hours that day--what FUN! I sewed up nine Merryville Playmats, 8 baby doll blankets, and 4 baby doll burp cloths. Well, the Merryville playmats still need topstitching--but man are they CUTE! They measure about 17"x21", and are backed with blue denim. I also sewed on denim ties, so they can be rolled up and loosely tied--to take them along with you to the doctor's or anywhere else little boys need to play with their cars! :) Monster is SOOOO in LOVE with this fabric! (Have I said that before??? How silly of me--but it deserves repeating, that's for sure!)

I was wanting to finish the Playmats, sew up another three of them, and also get about 25 burp cloths pinned and cut--before this weekend was here. But seeing that it is Thursday, and I'm barely moving, I'm not positive these goals will be met. It is frustrating, but getting better fast is more important to me right now.

Oh, you HAVE to check out the newest items by Very Verdant!!!! Check out her etsy store! Those Aprons and Tea Towels are GORGEOUS! She brought the Aprons by my house about two weeks ago, and they are AMAZING! The colors and details--wow, I'm SOOOO in love with them! Little girls NEED these aprons, so if you need to buy for a little one this Christmas, go visit Very Verdant!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Fabric Choices For a Bib and Tag Blanket

Choices, choices. I love to sift through my fabrics to find colors and patterns that go together. Here are some choices for C. to sift through now! :)

Blue Sock Monkeys
Dark Brown Corduroy, Red Polka Dot, Green and Blue Plaid
(Monster has a quilt of the plaid and the monkeys--love it!)
Brown Wavy Fabric (I know, so technical!) and Red and Cream Stripe
Red Sock Monkeys
Red and Cream Stripe, Brown Wavy
(The polka dot red is the wrong color red for this fabric)

Dark Brown Corduroy, Brown Wavy

And lastly, Green Sock Monkeys. Either of the browns would look nice, the reds would be ok, or the white Chenille would be pretty. I can also search at the Quilt Shoppe, too, for a pretty backing fabric. (I had to use an old picture, as I've run out of this fabric--but the quilt shoppe has tons.)

The Bib will have White Chenille for a back, and the Tag Blanket can have any of these fabrics, the Chenille, or I can find something else at the Quilt Shoppe!

Thanks for looking!


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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunny Afternoon's Work

Soooo it took me all week, but I finally finished sewing the forty-some items I had sitting around my workroom this week. The snaps still need to be put in half the bibs, and most everything needs a final pressing, but it's done. Whew. So glad!

Bug chatted with me this afternoon while I finished everything. She cut up scraps of chenille (well, tried to--toddler scissors are unsurprisingly dull!), ate a snack, played with more scraps, watched me wind a bobbin--her FAVORITE, and tried to learn how to roller skate on carpet. :) It was wonderfully sunny in my workroom, and warm, and just a lovely, relaxing afternoon. (Had this week not been super-crazy, I would have finished everything MUCH earlier!)

I have not hardly slept this week. My mind will not shut off. All the ideas. UGH--I'm tired! But next time I'm up from 2-5am, I need to sit my hiney at the sewing machine, and get to work! I might be able to finish 2% of the ideas in my head if I did this every night. :) Ok, 5%.

Gotta get the kiddos in bed. We have tears and sadness. Crazy weeks make for crazy children. :(

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Working Away!

The dish towels I made a couple of weeks ago:
Yes, I'm still here, and working very hard! I had to take a break just to write this. :P I have around forty items in various stages of being sewn right now, and many, many more ahead! I'm working on some Christmas gift items for girls and boys at the moment--baby doll blankets and burp cloths for the girls, my runway playmats for the boys, and Christmas Crayons for all! :) I have 15 or so bibs part-way sewn, 3 baby blankets backed with chenille--two with biplanes on them, and one with a cute kids winter scene. (I swear, finding a link for that fabric was tough!)

I have 13 or so of the runway mats cut out--but I need to work on hand stitching all the runways. Whoo-hoo--sounds like FUN--anyone want to help? I figure I can work on that in the evenings while watching tv. Bug liked helping me--as I cut out the circles, she pulled the pins out for me. :) I loved it, and so did she!
I think the runways are going to be the most work--but that is because I want to sew around 20 of them (hopefully more!), and with the hand-stitching, they take a bit more time. I wish I knew how to use my embroidery machine! It actually may take less time to figure it all out than I'll use to hand-stitch. Hmmmmm.

I am having a hard time focusing right now--there must be something about the fall--but I cannot stop getting ideas of things to make. I'm writing things on any piece of paper I can find--whenever and wherever I am! I was like this last year, too! Anyway, one of the thousand ideas I'd LOVE to have time to do would be to make up several onesies for the Holidays in the South Bazaar. I have a whole bunch that I bought wholesale last MARCH, and I keep having ideas for them! UGH! If only I had tiny elves working for me while I came up with all the ideas! :)

I keep having ideas for gifts for the kiddos, too. Bug has a birthday coming up, and I really want to find a pull-over hoodie, plain, to decorate with a ladybug made of several different fabrics. I need to check out target, because walmart only has white hoodies--yeah right!--or ones already decorated. I also want to make her a flannel board--with or without the board part--maybe a roll up or fold over one. We'll use it for homeschooling, and she can play with it in the car or in her room, too. I've been writing down different games I can make/do with it for when we do school, and so I have millions of those ideas, too!

For Monster, I keep wanting to make him sheets and pillowcases and blankets for his big boy bed--which we do not have yet. But out of this fabric, and this. I already have the second fabric--and hope to get some playmats made out of that for the bazaar, too!!! When Monster saw the fabric, he went positively berserk! The kid was in love! So I'm hoping to get some of the first fabric in time for Christmas through my fabric coop--and he'll get sheets and/or pillowcases made of it. The one with the roads--it'll be a large blanket for him! :) He can either sleep with it or play with it on the floor--or both. :)
Anyway, I need to get back to work! I have a TON of ironing to do--so I can topstitch a million things and get them all finished! Ok, more like 40, but still, that's ALOT of ironing! Plus I have several yards of fabric that can't be cut till they are pressed--I think it's time to pop that Mama Mia CD in, and start dancing--uh, I mean ironing! :)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prepping for The Holidays in the South Bazaar

Ok, how come November 15th seems an eternity away, until I sit down and figure out all I want to sew between now and then--and realize that it is just around the corner! Six and a half weeks is NOT enough time to sew hardly anything! Not when I'm mom and wife and homeschooling!!!! YIKES! Oh, for those of you who are wondering--Nov 15th is The Holidays in the South Bazaar, on Ft Rucker. And Very Verdant and I are selling together then--in fact, she's at home RIGHT NOW, sewing her fingers off! :)

The Holidays in the South Bazaar is wonderful! It is run by the Officer and Enlisted Wives Club, and I go every year I can--trying to contain my Christmas spending! (My idea of Christmas shopping is one for _________, one for me, one for __________, one for me.) :) I'm so excited to get the chance to sell there this year! Yippeee!

Anyway, I woke up this morning, fretting about how 7 yards of chenille won't make very much--a couple of baby blankets, and a few bibs and burp cloths--but I wanted to make MANY blankets, and MANY bibs and burp cloths. How am I going to handle not having enough--when will I get the chance to buy more--where will I get the money I need to buy more..... Then I started thinking of all the things I want to sew and create--and I realized I needed to figure out what I most want made by the 15th, and what was second most important. This helped me to focus. And then I thought about how much time I'll need to make the most important items. I decided that I need to put my main focus on making the runway play mats--then I need to work on the blankets, bibs, and burp cloths. And all of this can be made in 5 weeks--IF I work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week! So I may never get the chance to run out of chenille!

So my goal today is to finish the dish towel order for L. (she picked the turtles and the toasters!), then if I have time, to cut out circles for the playmats--as many as I can. While the kids played outside this am, I pinned and cut out several bibs to sew later. Fun ones in apples and pears, sock monkeys, and red and orange ones. :) I hoped to cut out some of the winter kids print I have, but I ran out of time. Somehow, the monsters that inhabit my house got HUNGRY! :)

Anyway, I felt kind of crazy this am, but feel better now that I have a plan. :)

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