Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy, busy--then BAM

Being busy and also not sleeping well for three weeks combined into an ugly thing this week. So the past two days I've been sitting in my chair, unable to move or do much. Not fun! Especially when my days are planned to the T for the Holidays in the South Bazaar at Ft Rucker on 15 November! UGH!

I was super busy on Tuesday--even though it was a relaxed, lazy kind of day. I sewed on and off for about 3.5 hours that day--what FUN! I sewed up nine Merryville Playmats, 8 baby doll blankets, and 4 baby doll burp cloths. Well, the Merryville playmats still need topstitching--but man are they CUTE! They measure about 17"x21", and are backed with blue denim. I also sewed on denim ties, so they can be rolled up and loosely tied--to take them along with you to the doctor's or anywhere else little boys need to play with their cars! :) Monster is SOOOO in LOVE with this fabric! (Have I said that before??? How silly of me--but it deserves repeating, that's for sure!)

I was wanting to finish the Playmats, sew up another three of them, and also get about 25 burp cloths pinned and cut--before this weekend was here. But seeing that it is Thursday, and I'm barely moving, I'm not positive these goals will be met. It is frustrating, but getting better fast is more important to me right now.

Oh, you HAVE to check out the newest items by Very Verdant!!!! Check out her etsy store! Those Aprons and Tea Towels are GORGEOUS! She brought the Aprons by my house about two weeks ago, and they are AMAZING! The colors and details--wow, I'm SOOOO in love with them! Little girls NEED these aprons, so if you need to buy for a little one this Christmas, go visit Very Verdant!

MonsterBug Blankets

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