Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prepping for The Holidays in the South Bazaar

Ok, how come November 15th seems an eternity away, until I sit down and figure out all I want to sew between now and then--and realize that it is just around the corner! Six and a half weeks is NOT enough time to sew hardly anything! Not when I'm mom and wife and homeschooling!!!! YIKES! Oh, for those of you who are wondering--Nov 15th is The Holidays in the South Bazaar, on Ft Rucker. And Very Verdant and I are selling together then--in fact, she's at home RIGHT NOW, sewing her fingers off! :)

The Holidays in the South Bazaar is wonderful! It is run by the Officer and Enlisted Wives Club, and I go every year I can--trying to contain my Christmas spending! (My idea of Christmas shopping is one for _________, one for me, one for __________, one for me.) :) I'm so excited to get the chance to sell there this year! Yippeee!

Anyway, I woke up this morning, fretting about how 7 yards of chenille won't make very much--a couple of baby blankets, and a few bibs and burp cloths--but I wanted to make MANY blankets, and MANY bibs and burp cloths. How am I going to handle not having enough--when will I get the chance to buy more--where will I get the money I need to buy more..... Then I started thinking of all the things I want to sew and create--and I realized I needed to figure out what I most want made by the 15th, and what was second most important. This helped me to focus. And then I thought about how much time I'll need to make the most important items. I decided that I need to put my main focus on making the runway play mats--then I need to work on the blankets, bibs, and burp cloths. And all of this can be made in 5 weeks--IF I work 2 hours a day, 5 days a week! So I may never get the chance to run out of chenille!

So my goal today is to finish the dish towel order for L. (she picked the turtles and the toasters!), then if I have time, to cut out circles for the playmats--as many as I can. While the kids played outside this am, I pinned and cut out several bibs to sew later. Fun ones in apples and pears, sock monkeys, and red and orange ones. :) I hoped to cut out some of the winter kids print I have, but I ran out of time. Somehow, the monsters that inhabit my house got HUNGRY! :)

Anyway, I felt kind of crazy this am, but feel better now that I have a plan. :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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