Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Fabric Choices For a Bib and Tag Blanket

Choices, choices. I love to sift through my fabrics to find colors and patterns that go together. Here are some choices for C. to sift through now! :)

Blue Sock Monkeys
Dark Brown Corduroy, Red Polka Dot, Green and Blue Plaid
(Monster has a quilt of the plaid and the monkeys--love it!)
Brown Wavy Fabric (I know, so technical!) and Red and Cream Stripe
Red Sock Monkeys
Red and Cream Stripe, Brown Wavy
(The polka dot red is the wrong color red for this fabric)

Dark Brown Corduroy, Brown Wavy

And lastly, Green Sock Monkeys. Either of the browns would look nice, the reds would be ok, or the white Chenille would be pretty. I can also search at the Quilt Shoppe, too, for a pretty backing fabric. (I had to use an old picture, as I've run out of this fabric--but the quilt shoppe has tons.)

The Bib will have White Chenille for a back, and the Tag Blanket can have any of these fabrics, the Chenille, or I can find something else at the Quilt Shoppe!

Thanks for looking!


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