Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sunny Afternoon's Work

Soooo it took me all week, but I finally finished sewing the forty-some items I had sitting around my workroom this week. The snaps still need to be put in half the bibs, and most everything needs a final pressing, but it's done. Whew. So glad!

Bug chatted with me this afternoon while I finished everything. She cut up scraps of chenille (well, tried to--toddler scissors are unsurprisingly dull!), ate a snack, played with more scraps, watched me wind a bobbin--her FAVORITE, and tried to learn how to roller skate on carpet. :) It was wonderfully sunny in my workroom, and warm, and just a lovely, relaxing afternoon. (Had this week not been super-crazy, I would have finished everything MUCH earlier!)

I have not hardly slept this week. My mind will not shut off. All the ideas. UGH--I'm tired! But next time I'm up from 2-5am, I need to sit my hiney at the sewing machine, and get to work! I might be able to finish 2% of the ideas in my head if I did this every night. :) Ok, 5%.

Gotta get the kiddos in bed. We have tears and sadness. Crazy weeks make for crazy children. :(

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