Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Working Away!

The dish towels I made a couple of weeks ago:
Yes, I'm still here, and working very hard! I had to take a break just to write this. :P I have around forty items in various stages of being sewn right now, and many, many more ahead! I'm working on some Christmas gift items for girls and boys at the moment--baby doll blankets and burp cloths for the girls, my runway playmats for the boys, and Christmas Crayons for all! :) I have 15 or so bibs part-way sewn, 3 baby blankets backed with chenille--two with biplanes on them, and one with a cute kids winter scene. (I swear, finding a link for that fabric was tough!)

I have 13 or so of the runway mats cut out--but I need to work on hand stitching all the runways. Whoo-hoo--sounds like FUN--anyone want to help? I figure I can work on that in the evenings while watching tv. Bug liked helping me--as I cut out the circles, she pulled the pins out for me. :) I loved it, and so did she!
I think the runways are going to be the most work--but that is because I want to sew around 20 of them (hopefully more!), and with the hand-stitching, they take a bit more time. I wish I knew how to use my embroidery machine! It actually may take less time to figure it all out than I'll use to hand-stitch. Hmmmmm.

I am having a hard time focusing right now--there must be something about the fall--but I cannot stop getting ideas of things to make. I'm writing things on any piece of paper I can find--whenever and wherever I am! I was like this last year, too! Anyway, one of the thousand ideas I'd LOVE to have time to do would be to make up several onesies for the Holidays in the South Bazaar. I have a whole bunch that I bought wholesale last MARCH, and I keep having ideas for them! UGH! If only I had tiny elves working for me while I came up with all the ideas! :)

I keep having ideas for gifts for the kiddos, too. Bug has a birthday coming up, and I really want to find a pull-over hoodie, plain, to decorate with a ladybug made of several different fabrics. I need to check out target, because walmart only has white hoodies--yeah right!--or ones already decorated. I also want to make her a flannel board--with or without the board part--maybe a roll up or fold over one. We'll use it for homeschooling, and she can play with it in the car or in her room, too. I've been writing down different games I can make/do with it for when we do school, and so I have millions of those ideas, too!

For Monster, I keep wanting to make him sheets and pillowcases and blankets for his big boy bed--which we do not have yet. But out of this fabric, and this. I already have the second fabric--and hope to get some playmats made out of that for the bazaar, too!!! When Monster saw the fabric, he went positively berserk! The kid was in love! So I'm hoping to get some of the first fabric in time for Christmas through my fabric coop--and he'll get sheets and/or pillowcases made of it. The one with the roads--it'll be a large blanket for him! :) He can either sleep with it or play with it on the floor--or both. :)
Anyway, I need to get back to work! I have a TON of ironing to do--so I can topstitch a million things and get them all finished! Ok, more like 40, but still, that's ALOT of ironing! Plus I have several yards of fabric that can't be cut till they are pressed--I think it's time to pop that Mama Mia CD in, and start dancing--uh, I mean ironing! :)

MonsterBug Blankets


buyagift said...

what amazing craftsmenship and detail, i wish i was so clever when it comes to being creative and 'doing it myself' it would help to save a lot of money this year at Christmas, especially with the credit crunch. Well done on the work!

funfelt said...

I have instructions for making an easy flannel board on my blog at http://www.fun-activities-for-kids.com and you can get the felt story pieces here: http://www.funfelt.com Just thought I'd share! You are so creative you probably don't need much help but maybe others do. LOL Like me!!!!

MonsterBug Blankets said...

Thanks, guys! I like the flannel board instructions! I'm still trying to figure out my plan. :) I ordered the cutest lavender fairies fabric, and plan on using it on the back of the board--but I'm still trying to decide on a soft board or a hard one. I'll probably end up making both, then working out exactly how I really want mine to look. Prototype #3 is normally the one I like the best! It takes the first two tries to figure out what I like/dislike. :)