Sunday, November 30, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

What have we been up to? Absolutely NOTHING! And loving it! The MonsterBug Blankets family has enjoyed time together, stillness, lots of laughter, a little of our own craziness, and just being together. No big shopping, no super-sales, no running around having to have the latest and greatest. Movies, some popcorn, a good ballgame or two, spending Thanksgiving with family, and decorating our Christmas tree. It's been lovely to just chill out and not have anything pressing us to do or go! This is how I enjoy my holidays! :)

The sewing will commence soon--it HAS to! :)

Oh, and I opened up my etsy shop for the time being. Check out some of my goodies there!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Purple Giraffe

Wow, last week felt GREAT! Once I settled down and relaxed, that is. And I FINALLY got my workroom back together--it looked amazing--well, till I had to hem a pair of pants and make Bug's birthday shirt--now it has strings all over the place, scraps of fabric, various scissors sitting here and there--but I did put the ironing board away!

So here is the shirt I made for Bug:
I originally was going to make her a purple ladybug, but she's been going on and on about how she's a giraffe (due to her lovey, Mr. Giraffe), so I drew up a few giraffe plans. I just remembered this afternoon that I had these corduroy fabrics in two shades of purple--it could NOT get much more perfect! I have hoodies for the kids for Christmas, so she MAY get another giraffe--or a poppy--we'll see! All I know is that I won't be able to pop on to check my blog while she's around this week now that I've posted her present! :) (Oh, and sorry for the poor pictures, it was dark out once I finished this.)
Since the only other thing I've sewn is a pair of pants, and I don't plan on showing them off, this is it for now!
MonsterBug Blankets

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What to do with myself?

I keep feeling like I have something pressing I HAVE TO DO. I keep running through my mind, wondering what I'm supposed to work on next. I can't seem to stop thinking like this. Even though I haven't begun any more projects, even though my workroom is in a shambles, not put together yet, sewing table STILL in hubby's truck--I'm sitting and trying to rest--yet the brain keeps trying to figure something I can work on! Six weeks of non-stop going, doing, sewing, projects--guess I've developed a habit! :) Good thing--cause the Christmas presents aren't gonna make themselves--and the Christmas budget has been spent on fabrics (so no getting out of sewing by popping into a store and buying things!). :)

It's hard to relax right now--even though my body is thoroughly exhausted. My emotions are spent, too, as yesterday we had to put our dear Rottweiler to sleep. Cancer was consuming her. So relaxing means quiet which means thinking of how much I miss my dog which means tears and more exhaustion....and....and....and..... Yet, if I don't rest some, I will be sick (and I feel my body fighting something off even now).

So--what's next to do? (Maybe if I write it down, it'll stop running in my brain???) Bug's birthday present. I want to make her a hoodie with a purple ladybug applique. Though she's into giraffes (thanks to her Mr Giraffe lovey and her giraffe print minky blanket). Maybe a purple giraffe, instead? I'd have to figure that one out. By next week.

And Christmas presents. I have fabric for dish towels for some lucky recipients! Hubby will make salsa to give out, too. Both kids will get new blankets--IF the fabrics come in on time. I have a Cave Diving Blanket to make for a friend of hubby's. And I want to make a felt board for Bug--maybe Monster, too. That's all I can think of right now. My brain has been soooo focused on the craft show, that I haven't made time to think of more presents this year. Guess I need to get busy thinking! I also have baby blankets to make for my brother's baby on the way! :) Still don't know if it is a boy or a girl, so I'll have to wait to find out. I have SO MANY ideas for their new little one! :)

Side story--Bug and I were talking about the new baby my Bro's wife is having. We were wondering if it would be a boy or girl. Somehow my almost 4 yr old took that conversation and decided that Mommy was having a baby. She made sure to announce this to her dance teacher yesterday. :) And last night, she was arguing with her Daddy about it--and started crying when she was told that no, I don't have a baby coming--that her AUNT is the one with a baby. Please, tell me HOW one conversation got SO turned around!?!!!

So that's where we are now--tired, but hoping to enjoy the week ahead. Oh, and about to begin homeschooling again. Wow, we had about 3 weeks off there--life, busyness, helping others, mommy busy sewing. It'll be good to spend my time teaching the kids again! :)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Holidays in the South Bazaar

Holidays in the South Bazaar, Ft Rucker, AL

Some Cozy Blankets and a whole bunch of bibs! See the helicopter bibs on the top row? Ft Rucker is home to Army Aviation--ie. the helicopter training mecca!

Some burp cloths (on Bug's red stool--she was so worried I'd sell it!),
Patriotic Bibs, and my new child-friendly ornaments to the left, on the tree!
Runway Playmats, Merryville Playmats, Tag Blankets, and Diaper Holders.
Our Pretend Station: Very Verdant's gorgeous potholders and a pencil holder on top,
my baby doll blankets on the next row next to her cocktail napkins,
Chunky Christmas Tree Crayons and Doll burp cloths,
And fish and flower play blankets (similar to tag blankets)
Wow, it's all over. Whew! I had fun at Ft Rucker's Holidays in the South Bazaar. Very Verdant and I sold together and it went well! Thankfully, we were able to set up on Friday--cause my brain was fried and I needed a ton of time to figure things out. It took me two hours to set up a few pieces of furniture and put my bibs up--I redid them about 8 million times! Very Verdant and her daughter set up the whole pretend station (on my baker's rack) while I was in zombie-land trying to figure out the bibs! Then Saturday morning, I got there early and added all the things I was able to think of overnight!
Both of us were tired and frazzled first thing Saturday morning--we've had alot on our plates at home besides getting ready for the bazaar. We even forgot to charge tax on the first several purchases! :P But soon we started to get into a rhythm, and all worked well. We figured out we needed more than one hiding place for us to stand, as we kept doing a strange little dance each time a customer came into our booth! :)
The hits at this bazaar? The Helicopter Bibs, Christmas Tree Crayons, and Playmats. The airplane Cozy Blankets received alot of attention, but no buyers. The pair of ice skates I picked up in Germany had several inquiries--Nope, not for sale! The sale for bibs and burp cloths went over well: one for $9, three for $25. I had three or four people buy a third item because of that! I'm thinking of doing it with my baby blankets next time: one for $20, two for $35--we'll see how that works!
I'll definitely do this bazaar next year--it's one of my favorites--long before I ever thought of selling! Very Verdant and I realized we'll most likely need to get a 10'x20' space next time, as we pretty much filled up the one we had! Plus, we don't care to do the funny dance next year! :) AND--we need a specific place to have as a checkout! THAT would be very helpful!
It was fun--and I have stock to maybe do another one. Maybe. If my family can stand it! This one was hard on all of them!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

Monday, November 10, 2008

Late Night Sewing Fest

I fell asleep for about ten minutes last night, then woke up from a nightmare. This is a nearly every night occurrence, so don't be alarmed. :P But usually I conk back out quickly, and last night I didn't. Hmm--seems I forgot to take my tylenol PM, and so my mind started racing over all the sewing I need to do this week in order to get everything done. And it would not stop. So after tossing and turning and realizing I was WIDE awake, I decided to make the most of it, and I got busy sewing, cutting, pinning, etc. I did the first sew-around of 9 Runway Playmats and 15 burp cloths--yah! It took me just over two hours of work, and I realized the things I want to finish today, tomorrow, and Wednesday aren't more than I can handle! Good, cause the other day I had THE BEST idea for Christmas ornaments for little kiddos! And I should be able to spend all of Wednesday morning working on them--yah! :)

The ornaments are made of fabric, batting, and chenille--in poppies and fish shapes. :) Perfect for baby's first Christmas, and up through the toddler years--unbreakable, washable, chewable, etc! My kids have free reign over the bottom half of our tree--so having pretty ornaments they cannot break or destroy is always a good thing! Plus, they end up playing with our ornaments more than they play with their toys, usually! Well, till Santa comes!

Gotta get back to work. Well, after a nap--I DID stay up till 1am sewing!
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Friday, November 7, 2008

This Week

Sooooo, I have two blog posts that I STARTED, but didn't want to finish. I don't know--I guess I started rambling and didn't care for what I wrote about 2/3rds of the way in. Sometimes I just need to jabber, I suppose, but then realize it's ridiculous (and I'm not going to pretend that today may not be ridiculous, too!).

The kids are playing so nice this am--I suppose I should try to sew. Oh sewing. What a week. So many plans, so little accomplished. I swear. I REALLY wanted next week to NOT be crazy, but well, we'll see.

We've been busy making Christmas Tree Crayons this week. I may not have time to sew, but the kids and I have had lots of time to unwrap crayons and then break them. Hmmmm--which do YOU think is more fun for them? Mainly they just enjoy hanging with Mommy and being helpful! And Mommy loves it, too! Bug is excited that the crayons will go to some little kids. She understands that I make things to sell, and that another kiddo will be on the receiving end of Mommy's work--and she likes that. :)

I found out this week that MonsterBug Blankets was in the December issue of Adoptive Families! They talked about or listed my Christmas Tree crayons! I donate a portion of all my sales to Samaritan's Purse--and for this reason I was featured. How cool! I received two emails from that article--one trying to get me to buy ad space in Parenting Magazine. And another ordering some Crayons from me! YAH! (With that sale, I was getting down LOW on Christmas Tree crayons--thus the flurry of crayon making this week!)

Ok--time to get some breakfast in my belly, get ready for the day, and get out to the post office to mail off an order (for a Merryville Playmat).

Till Later!
MonsterBug Blankets

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yes, I'm feeling a might bit crazy right now. I get calmed down for a bit--but then it soon comes back. Two weeks. Two weeks until the Holidays in the South Bazaar on Fort Rucker. 14 days. Oh I have SO MUCH TO DO! I keep telling myself that it is ok to not have all 25 burp cloths made to match the bibs already waiting to go. I keep telling myself that it is ok not to have time to make the grocery lists this year. I keep telling myself that not getting all the baby blankets made--well, it's ok. Right now I mist need to worry about making the Runway Playmats--and it will take me ALL of this week to come, maybe more. And that frustrates me. Because I cannot do any of the other things--since these will take up so much time. In one week, I can finish the 8 burp cloths, three Merryville Playmats, and 4 Baby blankets PLUS the other 25 burp cloths, some more bibs, and several more baby doll blankets and burp cloths.....or, I can make 13 Runway Playmats. Thing is--IF I can get the Runway Mats done in one week, I can still sew up much of the rest in the following week. But I'm so scared it won't happen. So I become a crazy one--worrying, fretting, and feeling overwhelmed--which usually equals me not getting ANYTHING done. :P Stupid nerves!

So my thoughts go to--should I REALLY bother with the Runway Playmats--since they will take so long to make? BUT--I am selling to a bunch of aviators and their families--and the runway mats are the exact runways and helipads that they train on and fly from day in and day out. So really, it is foolish to NOT make these up. Then I get to thinking--should I make more than 13? How will I have time to make more than that? And I get overwhelmed on the opposite side of the coin! Funny--haha--I know. :P

What has been most frustrating this week has been only getting to sew on Monday and yesterday. Two days out of five. UGH! But I hope to have some time after (my) nap today, and since we wore out the kids this am, hopefully that will end up being a LONG time for me to sew! :) Please tell me I can do this!!!!!! Please!

OK, that's enough freaking out for one day! I need to close my eyes for a few minutes, so I can barrel on through this afternoon! Wish me luck--or rather, pray for me! :)

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