Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yes, I'm feeling a might bit crazy right now. I get calmed down for a bit--but then it soon comes back. Two weeks. Two weeks until the Holidays in the South Bazaar on Fort Rucker. 14 days. Oh I have SO MUCH TO DO! I keep telling myself that it is ok to not have all 25 burp cloths made to match the bibs already waiting to go. I keep telling myself that it is ok not to have time to make the grocery lists this year. I keep telling myself that not getting all the baby blankets made--well, it's ok. Right now I mist need to worry about making the Runway Playmats--and it will take me ALL of this week to come, maybe more. And that frustrates me. Because I cannot do any of the other things--since these will take up so much time. In one week, I can finish the 8 burp cloths, three Merryville Playmats, and 4 Baby blankets PLUS the other 25 burp cloths, some more bibs, and several more baby doll blankets and burp cloths.....or, I can make 13 Runway Playmats. Thing is--IF I can get the Runway Mats done in one week, I can still sew up much of the rest in the following week. But I'm so scared it won't happen. So I become a crazy one--worrying, fretting, and feeling overwhelmed--which usually equals me not getting ANYTHING done. :P Stupid nerves!

So my thoughts go to--should I REALLY bother with the Runway Playmats--since they will take so long to make? BUT--I am selling to a bunch of aviators and their families--and the runway mats are the exact runways and helipads that they train on and fly from day in and day out. So really, it is foolish to NOT make these up. Then I get to thinking--should I make more than 13? How will I have time to make more than that? And I get overwhelmed on the opposite side of the coin! Funny--haha--I know. :P

What has been most frustrating this week has been only getting to sew on Monday and yesterday. Two days out of five. UGH! But I hope to have some time after (my) nap today, and since we wore out the kids this am, hopefully that will end up being a LONG time for me to sew! :) Please tell me I can do this!!!!!! Please!

OK, that's enough freaking out for one day! I need to close my eyes for a few minutes, so I can barrel on through this afternoon! Wish me luck--or rather, pray for me! :)

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