Monday, November 17, 2008

Holidays in the South Bazaar

Holidays in the South Bazaar, Ft Rucker, AL

Some Cozy Blankets and a whole bunch of bibs! See the helicopter bibs on the top row? Ft Rucker is home to Army Aviation--ie. the helicopter training mecca!

Some burp cloths (on Bug's red stool--she was so worried I'd sell it!),
Patriotic Bibs, and my new child-friendly ornaments to the left, on the tree!
Runway Playmats, Merryville Playmats, Tag Blankets, and Diaper Holders.
Our Pretend Station: Very Verdant's gorgeous potholders and a pencil holder on top,
my baby doll blankets on the next row next to her cocktail napkins,
Chunky Christmas Tree Crayons and Doll burp cloths,
And fish and flower play blankets (similar to tag blankets)
Wow, it's all over. Whew! I had fun at Ft Rucker's Holidays in the South Bazaar. Very Verdant and I sold together and it went well! Thankfully, we were able to set up on Friday--cause my brain was fried and I needed a ton of time to figure things out. It took me two hours to set up a few pieces of furniture and put my bibs up--I redid them about 8 million times! Very Verdant and her daughter set up the whole pretend station (on my baker's rack) while I was in zombie-land trying to figure out the bibs! Then Saturday morning, I got there early and added all the things I was able to think of overnight!
Both of us were tired and frazzled first thing Saturday morning--we've had alot on our plates at home besides getting ready for the bazaar. We even forgot to charge tax on the first several purchases! :P But soon we started to get into a rhythm, and all worked well. We figured out we needed more than one hiding place for us to stand, as we kept doing a strange little dance each time a customer came into our booth! :)
The hits at this bazaar? The Helicopter Bibs, Christmas Tree Crayons, and Playmats. The airplane Cozy Blankets received alot of attention, but no buyers. The pair of ice skates I picked up in Germany had several inquiries--Nope, not for sale! The sale for bibs and burp cloths went over well: one for $9, three for $25. I had three or four people buy a third item because of that! I'm thinking of doing it with my baby blankets next time: one for $20, two for $35--we'll see how that works!
I'll definitely do this bazaar next year--it's one of my favorites--long before I ever thought of selling! Very Verdant and I realized we'll most likely need to get a 10'x20' space next time, as we pretty much filled up the one we had! Plus, we don't care to do the funny dance next year! :) AND--we need a specific place to have as a checkout! THAT would be very helpful!
It was fun--and I have stock to maybe do another one. Maybe. If my family can stand it! This one was hard on all of them!
:) MonsterBug Blankets

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Your booth looked great!! I'm glad the sale was successful!!!!