Monday, November 10, 2008

Late Night Sewing Fest

I fell asleep for about ten minutes last night, then woke up from a nightmare. This is a nearly every night occurrence, so don't be alarmed. :P But usually I conk back out quickly, and last night I didn't. Hmm--seems I forgot to take my tylenol PM, and so my mind started racing over all the sewing I need to do this week in order to get everything done. And it would not stop. So after tossing and turning and realizing I was WIDE awake, I decided to make the most of it, and I got busy sewing, cutting, pinning, etc. I did the first sew-around of 9 Runway Playmats and 15 burp cloths--yah! It took me just over two hours of work, and I realized the things I want to finish today, tomorrow, and Wednesday aren't more than I can handle! Good, cause the other day I had THE BEST idea for Christmas ornaments for little kiddos! And I should be able to spend all of Wednesday morning working on them--yah! :)

The ornaments are made of fabric, batting, and chenille--in poppies and fish shapes. :) Perfect for baby's first Christmas, and up through the toddler years--unbreakable, washable, chewable, etc! My kids have free reign over the bottom half of our tree--so having pretty ornaments they cannot break or destroy is always a good thing! Plus, they end up playing with our ornaments more than they play with their toys, usually! Well, till Santa comes!

Gotta get back to work. Well, after a nap--I DID stay up till 1am sewing!
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