Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What to do with myself?

I keep feeling like I have something pressing I HAVE TO DO. I keep running through my mind, wondering what I'm supposed to work on next. I can't seem to stop thinking like this. Even though I haven't begun any more projects, even though my workroom is in a shambles, not put together yet, sewing table STILL in hubby's truck--I'm sitting and trying to rest--yet the brain keeps trying to figure something I can work on! Six weeks of non-stop going, doing, sewing, projects--guess I've developed a habit! :) Good thing--cause the Christmas presents aren't gonna make themselves--and the Christmas budget has been spent on fabrics (so no getting out of sewing by popping into a store and buying things!). :)

It's hard to relax right now--even though my body is thoroughly exhausted. My emotions are spent, too, as yesterday we had to put our dear Rottweiler to sleep. Cancer was consuming her. So relaxing means quiet which means thinking of how much I miss my dog which means tears and more exhaustion....and....and....and..... Yet, if I don't rest some, I will be sick (and I feel my body fighting something off even now).

So--what's next to do? (Maybe if I write it down, it'll stop running in my brain???) Bug's birthday present. I want to make her a hoodie with a purple ladybug applique. Though she's into giraffes (thanks to her Mr Giraffe lovey and her giraffe print minky blanket). Maybe a purple giraffe, instead? I'd have to figure that one out. By next week.

And Christmas presents. I have fabric for dish towels for some lucky recipients! Hubby will make salsa to give out, too. Both kids will get new blankets--IF the fabrics come in on time. I have a Cave Diving Blanket to make for a friend of hubby's. And I want to make a felt board for Bug--maybe Monster, too. That's all I can think of right now. My brain has been soooo focused on the craft show, that I haven't made time to think of more presents this year. Guess I need to get busy thinking! I also have baby blankets to make for my brother's baby on the way! :) Still don't know if it is a boy or a girl, so I'll have to wait to find out. I have SO MANY ideas for their new little one! :)

Side story--Bug and I were talking about the new baby my Bro's wife is having. We were wondering if it would be a boy or girl. Somehow my almost 4 yr old took that conversation and decided that Mommy was having a baby. She made sure to announce this to her dance teacher yesterday. :) And last night, she was arguing with her Daddy about it--and started crying when she was told that no, I don't have a baby coming--that her AUNT is the one with a baby. Please, tell me HOW one conversation got SO turned around!?!!!

So that's where we are now--tired, but hoping to enjoy the week ahead. Oh, and about to begin homeschooling again. Wow, we had about 3 weeks off there--life, busyness, helping others, mommy busy sewing. It'll be good to spend my time teaching the kids again! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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