Thursday, December 18, 2008


I want to write--really, I do! I have pictures to post--and pictures to take in order to post. But, what I do not have is TIME to do these things. Or to do much of anything! :) My etsy store has done very well since I opened it up after Thanksgiving. (YAH!) And I am a busy bee, packaging and sending orders and sewing up all the Christmas presents. (I want to show you--but am scared the recipients of said presents will see and their Christmas will be forever ruined. :) A little dramatic, perhaps?)

So, all you get from me today is this little blurb above, as I watch the kids (out of the corner of my eye) playing with tape and bandaids our neighbor gave them for Christmas. :) She also gave them those little capsules you drop in water and watch shapes come out of, chapstick in yummy flavors, and various other things that have proved to be extremely entertaining! She SO knows kids!

That's all I have time for!
MonsterBug Blankets

PS--there's still time to get an order from me! I'm shipping via priority mail through tomorrow morning!!!! Should get there in time for Christmas--look at those crayons and ornaments in my shop--don't you know someone who just HAS to have them? Or a Playmat???

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

5am Wakeups

Soooo, in order to STOP STRESSING over all the Christmas sewing I need to do--I am waking up at 5am to ensure that I have enough time to do it all. Today--it was 4am--though not by plan--just because. In the past two days, I've sewn 8 cocktail napkins and the first sewing of 10 dish towels and 8 tea towels. Not too bad! I have to pin and cut out another 15ish tea towels and 2 dish towels (for me--don't tell!). :)

I got a HUGE box in the mail from my sis yesterday--with over 7 yards of white chenille. So today, while on my grocery shopping run, I'm probably going to end up at the laundry mat--to wash and dry all those yards into soft, cozy perfection! Hubby has banned me from using our own washer and dryer again for this fabric--since I broke the dryer for two weeks the last time I dried chenille--and since his clothes had little fuzzies all over them, too. :P

I talked with hubby about the two craft fairs I was debating between. And he made the decision easy--he's in classes for work around the time of Piney Woods, and would not be able to help me at all the week prior to the show. Everything gets so hectic that week, and he takes the kids away or outside, so I can finish my sewing. And he does the dishes and picks up, since all my time, thoughts, and efforts are into sewing and prepping for the show. I need that help, and so the Piney Woods fest will have to wait till another year. Nice thing is, I now have till April to get things done! YAH! And I get to try out another craft fair.

I'm pooped for the day, and it is barely 9am! This is the craziness that happens when one wakes up at 4am and runs around like a chicken with her head cut off! I'm ready for a nap, and the kids are still going strong! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Napkins and Ornaments

I've been busy ironing and ironing. Took me 2.5 hours to iron last night--just so I can cut the fabrics and sew with them. :P It was quiet in the house, though, and I was able to think a little, be still a little, and grump a little cause I was tired of ironing! But I finished all the gorgeous cocktail napkins and tied a bow tied around the middle of them--sooooo cute! Want to keep them ALL for myself! (And yes, they have strings on them still in the pic above, as I PLANNED on writing this post 3 days ago, while they were still in progress.)

Here are a few of the ornaments I made last month for the Holidays in the South Bazaar:
Fish Ornaments: Baby safe, chewable, soft, and perfect for those first several Christmases when the kids want to play with all the Christmas Tree Ornaments! :) (My kids are finally old enough to stop taking ornaments off the tree--well, mostly!) I also have Poppy Ornaments, but haven't photographed them yet. I tried, but the wind blew them away!

Next on my list: cutting out and sewing tea towels and dish towels, then I have two youth blankets to make: one fairies and one Star Wars--both with white chenille backs--so cozy! Oh, and so much more--but if I get into all that, I'll stress myself out!

I've been searching through old magazines and books--finding ideas of more things I could make for MonsterBug Blankets. I have a stash of Decorating magazines from when I was pregnant with Bug and Monster--all of baby nurseries and children's rooms. Man, there are TONS of ideas in those books! And not just decorating (duh!), but things I can make! When I last looked through them, having my own business was not even an idea in my head--so now I'm looking at them with fresh eyes. It's a whole lot of fun!

My brain keeps thinking and thinking, trying to figure out what I should work on/focus on for the coming year. It's fun having so many ideas, but I have to look at cost and time, too. And what materials I already have on hand. I want somewhat of a focus for the coming year. I have a few things in mind: I need to play with and figure out my embroidery machine! And I have many, many baby onesies that are just waiting to be sewn. :) (Been practicing with my kiddos' clothing lately!) Those are two "necessities", but the rest seems unlimited--I could branch out in any direction! I do plan on sewing up several ACU baby blankets. I'll be near a Joann Fabrics store the end of this month, and the plan is to super-stock up on chenille while there--especially white, of course, but also pink and blue--to back the ACU Blankets! How cute will that be!

I'm also debating about my next craft fair. Should I sell at the Piney Woods Arts Festival again in March, or wait till April to try the Troy Fest? I've never been to the Troy Fest, so I'm really curious--what are the customers like? Will MonsterBug Blankets be a good fit there? So many unknowns. But I like that it is a little later in the spring--so I have more time to work on new items. And I won't have to be crazy right away after Christmas, gearing up for Piney Woods. :) I would like a little bit of a break in there. Not too long, but enough!

So, that's how my mind is running lately. Ideas, plans, questions, trying to figure out the next year! :)

MonsterBug Blankets