Thursday, December 18, 2008


I want to write--really, I do! I have pictures to post--and pictures to take in order to post. But, what I do not have is TIME to do these things. Or to do much of anything! :) My etsy store has done very well since I opened it up after Thanksgiving. (YAH!) And I am a busy bee, packaging and sending orders and sewing up all the Christmas presents. (I want to show you--but am scared the recipients of said presents will see and their Christmas will be forever ruined. :) A little dramatic, perhaps?)

So, all you get from me today is this little blurb above, as I watch the kids (out of the corner of my eye) playing with tape and bandaids our neighbor gave them for Christmas. :) She also gave them those little capsules you drop in water and watch shapes come out of, chapstick in yummy flavors, and various other things that have proved to be extremely entertaining! She SO knows kids!

That's all I have time for!
MonsterBug Blankets

PS--there's still time to get an order from me! I'm shipping via priority mail through tomorrow morning!!!! Should get there in time for Christmas--look at those crayons and ornaments in my shop--don't you know someone who just HAS to have them? Or a Playmat???

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