Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Napkins and Ornaments

I've been busy ironing and ironing. Took me 2.5 hours to iron last night--just so I can cut the fabrics and sew with them. :P It was quiet in the house, though, and I was able to think a little, be still a little, and grump a little cause I was tired of ironing! But I finished all the gorgeous cocktail napkins and tied a bow tied around the middle of them--sooooo cute! Want to keep them ALL for myself! (And yes, they have strings on them still in the pic above, as I PLANNED on writing this post 3 days ago, while they were still in progress.)

Here are a few of the ornaments I made last month for the Holidays in the South Bazaar:
Fish Ornaments: Baby safe, chewable, soft, and perfect for those first several Christmases when the kids want to play with all the Christmas Tree Ornaments! :) (My kids are finally old enough to stop taking ornaments off the tree--well, mostly!) I also have Poppy Ornaments, but haven't photographed them yet. I tried, but the wind blew them away!

Next on my list: cutting out and sewing tea towels and dish towels, then I have two youth blankets to make: one fairies and one Star Wars--both with white chenille backs--so cozy! Oh, and so much more--but if I get into all that, I'll stress myself out!

I've been searching through old magazines and books--finding ideas of more things I could make for MonsterBug Blankets. I have a stash of Decorating magazines from when I was pregnant with Bug and Monster--all of baby nurseries and children's rooms. Man, there are TONS of ideas in those books! And not just decorating (duh!), but things I can make! When I last looked through them, having my own business was not even an idea in my head--so now I'm looking at them with fresh eyes. It's a whole lot of fun!

My brain keeps thinking and thinking, trying to figure out what I should work on/focus on for the coming year. It's fun having so many ideas, but I have to look at cost and time, too. And what materials I already have on hand. I want somewhat of a focus for the coming year. I have a few things in mind: I need to play with and figure out my embroidery machine! And I have many, many baby onesies that are just waiting to be sewn. :) (Been practicing with my kiddos' clothing lately!) Those are two "necessities", but the rest seems unlimited--I could branch out in any direction! I do plan on sewing up several ACU baby blankets. I'll be near a Joann Fabrics store the end of this month, and the plan is to super-stock up on chenille while there--especially white, of course, but also pink and blue--to back the ACU Blankets! How cute will that be!

I'm also debating about my next craft fair. Should I sell at the Piney Woods Arts Festival again in March, or wait till April to try the Troy Fest? I've never been to the Troy Fest, so I'm really curious--what are the customers like? Will MonsterBug Blankets be a good fit there? So many unknowns. But I like that it is a little later in the spring--so I have more time to work on new items. And I won't have to be crazy right away after Christmas, gearing up for Piney Woods. :) I would like a little bit of a break in there. Not too long, but enough!

So, that's how my mind is running lately. Ideas, plans, questions, trying to figure out the next year! :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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