Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Morning!

It's been a busy few days, that's for sure! Just trying to get all the Christmas lovelies put away, and then the incessant NEED to organize. the WHOLE house! Like I'm not exhausted enough from 8 days of traveling. So I've been trying to follow hubby's advice to just pick one thing, work on that one thing till it is finished, and don't think about any of the other things. :) He knows how ADD I get while cleaning--A leads to B, C, D-W, then two hours later, no one thing is complete and I'm tired and wondering why I bother. So I made a list of 15-20 things I want to accomplish, and I am slowly making my way through them all!

One thing I wanted to do was to update the photos of my products. Above is a view I was playing with (my new camera makes all of this oh so much fun!). I realized while digging through all the baby bibs, burp cloths, and blankets, that I only have maybe 1/4th of my items listed for sale. BAD MonsterBug Blankets!!!! How can anyone buy from me if the item is not pictured or listed??? So the past two days, I've snuck outside for about 35 minutes to take pictures of my baby items, then spent some of the afternoon/evening listing them on 1000 markets. It's a new-ish website. I was searching for a place to put all of my items--where I could list them ALL and not have to worry about the craziness that is etsy (ie--what's the best time to list to be on top of the searches, should I relist to get people to see me, how much should I spend to list items this month....). I also wanted a site where I could re-route my domain to--and have it be my "website", I wanted to be able to play around with the location of my listings, and I wanted STATS. 1000 Markets seems to be a good fit for all of this. Plus, their listings are all on one page--not the five pages on etsy. I think it takes about 8-10 minutes to do a listing--and that's me as a newbie! Anyway, once I get some more items listed--hopefully by the end of this week--I plan on clicking the button that says I'm ready, please accept my shop into 1000 markets! Man, I hope they accept me!

I had a day to myself yesterday afternoon, and I just did NOT know what to do! I did a bit of fabric shopping, of course, but then I was kind of lost. I managed to find my way to Dothan (the BIG city--hahaha!) and wandered into Target. Their Christmas items were 90% off! And while they didn't have alot that excited me, I managed to pick up a 6 foot Christmas Tree for $2.49! Now, I am NOT a fan of artificial trees, so do not think that this fake tree is going to be set up in my living room next Christmas! BUT, I do plan on making and selling more Christmas Ornaments next year--and a large Christmas tree would be perfect to showcase them at the craft fairs! :) So I am excited about my fake tree and what is to come next year! I also plan on heading to Target again later this week to see if the hoodies on sale for 50% off end up going to 75% off--I want a ton of them to applique on for next winter. We'll see!

I wandered through the baby aisles at Target, too, and found crib skirts on sale for just over $7. I bought three white ones--one to play with for my new niece to come, and the other two to play with for MonsterBug Blankets. We'll see how all this turns out. I wanted to buy all of the skirts they had, but restrained myself. I still have 10-20 yards of chenille to purchase!

Wow, it's now time to get the monsters out of their beds! I hear one squealing with delight in his room, and the other one keeps whispering down the stairs--"Can I come down now?" :)

MonsterBug Blankets

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Fantastic.....keep up the good work with the pics....I am no good with that part!