Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks! With Christmas, all the sewing, and traveling--we're finally home and it's quiet. Though there are TONS of things to put away now! :)

Above is a picture of a tie I made for my dad and my father in law. I used a pretty navy wool fabric, and hand embroidered the kiddos' hand prints on them. I was REALLY nervous about how they would turn out--as I made them from scratch--but they ended up exactly as I pictured in my mind! :)

I thought I took pictures of all the presents I made, but alas, I didn't. Hmmmm, must have been too busy! I still have hubby's present, and I'll have to get pics of that later. He's a UNC fan--so I traced the kids' feet onto some Carolina fabric, added a navy blue "tar heel" and sewed them onto a blue shirt. He was happy to get it!

I received a wonderful new digital SLR for Christmas this year, and I've been having super-fun playing with it! :) A trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains provided much to photograph the past week! :) Hubby said he'll have to take me out on the Mill Pond he dives in, so I can take pics of the water, the spanish moss, and all things southern. :) Maybe I'll get a gator pic, too! Though I'm not really hoping for that!

That's it for tonight. I'm pooped from traveling all day yesterday and organizing/putting things away today!

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2 comments: said...

Monster, It sounds like you had a great couple of weeks....Your new camera sounds great!

Very Verdant said...

Monster, Glad you are home and so super excited for you to have that new camera. The tie did turn out wonderfully.